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Finding the Value in Anaplan vs. Adaptive Insights Software

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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The marketplace for software programs assisting the business community is diverse and evolving to a scenario where competition is increasing exponentially.

Of all the brands that are doing battle to earn their piece of the market share, it is the contest that sees Anaplan vs. Adaptive Insights take centre stage.

This pair of business process management (BPM) programs brings something unique to the table and although one has been in existence for 15 years (Adapative Insights) whilst the other has just emerged onto the scene such as anaplan solutions, there is a healthy discussion and debates about the merits of each.

Here we will sort through the noise and marketing jargon to outline where the value can be sourced by businesses that need a model that works for them.


Pure Cost

When it comes to judging Anaplan solutions vs. Adaptive Insights in terms of pure cost, a facet that has to be examined first for a value measurement, then the latter can be accessed at less than 50% of the retail price for the former. The Adaptive Insights software program is open to approximately 100 nations around the world, making it an accessible option for lower to mid level enterprises that want a user-friendly package to access. Anaplan on the other hand is a high-end product that is limited to less customers due to the higher retail market price.


Flexibility with Microsoft Excel

There will be a need to manage your business affairs from the templates and data used through Microsoft Excel, the most user-friendly and adaptable planning and budgeting tool to date. In the context of the Anaplan vs. Adaptive Insights battle, it is the latter that allows users to drag and drop into customized templates easier. This dashboard gives staff members the opportunity to tap into a tool known as an integrated process tracker, offering detailed notifications to guide individuals through their own progress with the integration. Anaplan is simply less flexible to synchronize with any Excel data, but certain outlets have said likewise about Adaptive when converting formulas.


Small Business Suitability

The Anaplan vs. Adaptive Insights contest can be broken down into many parts, but when it comes to the suitability for the small business market, it is the latter that emerges victorious. The former is helpful for those that don’t arrive to the job with an IT background and with the syntax model on offer, it can operate as a blank slate to map out and plan a forecasting and budgeting process coherently. Yet small businesses want a program that will be flexible and suitable to their own needs, switching from a model that could be ideal for an accounting firm, a doctor’s office, a retail store or a real estate agency.


Business Intelligence Apparatus

Despite having a staff that is well educated and intuitive when it comes to finding solutions and identifying opportunities, there are software packages out there that can offer business intelligence capabilities. These additions can allow managers, analysts and operators to function on their day-to-day needs whilst the brand delivers on certain BPM benchmarks.

Judging by the Anaplan vs. Adaptive Insights comparison, it is the latter that comes out on top. Anaplan simply cannot match Adaptive Insights on real time data analysis and decision-making, failing to match the self-service dashboards, providing results that are fairly formulaic and reliant on the user’s information.



There is value to be found on both sides of the ledger when judging what software package is best suited for you in the context of the Anaplan vs. Adaptive Insights battle. Yet there is one brand that manages to tick more of the boxes that any business across any niche would be satisfied with, and that is the Adaptive Insights product.



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