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Fleet Management Gets a Boost from IoT Devices and Data

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Everything from trucking companies with massive fleets transporting goods on a national scale to local service providers with technician vans in residential areas to hired cars with drivers that provide personal service needs smart tracking to perfect operations. The exceptional GPS tracking options from Eelink IoT device manufacturers provide everything a company needs to maintain constant connection and real-time updated information about fleet activity. How can this help you succeed and increase profits over time?

What To Fleet Management Devices Do?

GPS capabilities have become commonplace even to ordinary people who do not own or operate fleets of vehicles. Adding one of the Bluetooth or otherwise connected vehicle trackers to individual trucks, vans, or cars tells you so much more than location. However, this is one of the main benefits of these IoT devices. Using the intuitive device dashboards from the office, you can see a clear map of real-time updates of where each vehicle is, how long they stay there, and more. They allow you to monitor transportation as well as driver activity to some degree.

Vehicle fleet management trackers go beyond location, however. Depending on the product you choose and the settings you activate in your office, you can also get precise information about unexpected or unauthorized access to the vehicles, rate of speed in conjunction with local limits, extended idle periods, aggressive driving such as shortstops or jackrabbit starts, shaking or load shifting, and more.

The thoroughness of the tracked data collection also extends to the vehicles themselves. You can monitor vehicle maintenance records, battery power, electrical problems, fuel consumption rates, and other minute data sets that allow you to perfect everything from fuel stops to long-term maintenance and repair schedules.

One of the newest products released by EELink IoT device manufacturer is the  TK419 GPS fleet management GPS trackr devicer. This offers an extensive range of use possibilities for long-haul trucking, van fleets, cars, and motorcycles. It provides location information to a variety of access points including in-office computers and mobile phones. It is waterproof, secure, and has a wide range of voltage options suitable for different. Many other product options exist with a variety of specific features including ignition kill switches, 4G LTE capability, stolen vehicle recovery additions, and more.

Tracking Data Provides Multiple Benefits

Data collection and proper analysis fuels the success of every industry on Earth in today’s digital world. This is especially true for transportation and logistics that relies on a multitude of factors to get the job done with the highest degree of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The slightest change in driving route, fuel consumption, or driver habits can affect the bottom line in a way that reverberates through the entire process and can lead to considerable profit loss or time delays. Fleet management GPS tracking solutions provide the data necessary to counteract these issues and perfect every element to maximize results.

Reduce operational costs. Even the most basic GPS trackers for cars and trucks offer the opportunity to minimize expenses on the road. However, the latest examples of fully featured IoT devices provide layers of advantages that increase savings exponentially. These cost reductions stem from the creation of more efficient and practical routes, maximizing fuel efficiency to save on fill-ups, properly scheduling vehicle maintenance to keep them running smoothly and reduce the risk of expensive repair needs, and keeping an eye on driver activities to ensure your employees are taking care of business in the best way possible.

Maintain and secure fleet vehicles. Although this also involves the reduction of operational costs, it is one element of GPS tracking that some company owners or fleet managers do not consider. Knowing the location of a truck is quite different than knowing its mechanical status. Software programs that organize maintenance appointments and forecast repair expenses exist and provide a high degree of benefit for any organization who maintains a fleet of vehicles. By using an IoT connected device that provides accurate and up-to-date data regarding individual vehicle function and maintenance needs, you can manage the schedule with a much higher degree of precision. This vastly reduces the chance of a car or truck breaking down unexpectedly and allows you to manage the cost of maintenance better.

Protect shipped products or passengers. A large part of getting products or passengers to the intended destination depends on the actions of the vehicle driver. GPS trackers that provide additional information about driver behavior can benefit your company in multiple ways. For example, notification of excessive speeding or shaking that may indicate anything from rough roads to curb hopping reveals that the cargo is at an increased risk of damage and loss. If you operate a fleet of vehicles designed to transport people such as a busing company, tour group, or limousine service, these issues translate into poor customer satisfaction.

The data you collect from robust GPS trackers with additional IoT features offers an in-depth look at all aspects of smart fleet management and efficient, cost-effective, and professional operations. Altogether, these small devices help you save and make more money over time.

Modernize Fleet Operations With a Focus on Profit

When you purchase products from a top IoT device manufacturer specifically tailored to Fleet management capabilities, you empower every car, truck, and driver with information that allows them to perfect what they do. The increasingly interconnected world and IoT realities themselves necessitates additional focus on tweaking operations in order to maximize efficiency, productivity, and minimize both risk and wasted time. Every business owner knows that time is money, and well-organized and understandable data allows you to make and save more of it.

As a trusted IoT device manufacturer, Eelink provides multiple options for a variety of fleet management needs. These GPS trackers and other devices provide an amazing array of data necessary to improve the efficiency, speed, and compliance of a company’s trucks, vans, or other vehicles. The applications extend beyond the world of logistics although these are the most common applications of tracking and data collection devices offered.

Explore the many options for GPS IoT tracking solutions and contact EELink for more information about how you can establish the connectivity you need to manage your fleet.

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