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Francesco Vitali’s “Message for Success”: Failure is not an option!

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Travon Marner
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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, finding the key to success can be daunting. But Franko Vitali, a respectful serial entrepreneur, business Advisor to the Stars, and a self-made multimillionaire with a net worth of more than 100 million, besides his extensive marketing and entertainment background, has the “Secret for success!”

His new book, “Message for Success,” promises to be a game-changer for aspiring business leaders worldwide. The book serves as a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs, sharing valuable insights and lessons learned from Franko’s remarkable journey in business and entertainment.

Francesco Vitali’s Background and Journey

Born and raised in Greece, Francesco Vitali grew up in a family that fostered values such as hard work, dedication, and perseverance. From a young age, he was encouraged to explore various creative fields, which eventually led him to develop a strong passion for business. He left his successful career as a journalist and manager to Greece’s stars, athletes, celebrities, and famous politicians, to chase his dreams.

As a real Cosmopolitan man, Vitali moved to the United States, where he made a name for himself as a successful journalist and newscaster for Greek Media, creating a reputation as a business consultant for famous people, including the late Ivana Trump.

Then he moved to Los Angeles, working as a Director, and Executive producer, creating a buzz. Still, despite his prospering career in the entertainment industry, Vitali wasn’t satisfied with his accomplishments. He realized that success went beyond wealth or fame and included personal growth, happiness, and a sense of purpose. This insight inspired him to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, driven to create innovative businesses that could positively impact the lives of others.

Notable Projects and Ventures

Franko has been involved in several successful projects and ventures throughout his illustrious career. He is spearheading the revival of the 48FILM Project and 48 GO GREEN international short film festivals, which have garnered tremendous success over the past 13 years. In addition, he is planning the launch of the 48MUSIC Project, and his latest and most exciting venture is This innovative social platform allows people to connect with friends globally based on similar interests and earn money for their time and services. The platform aims to combat loneliness by providing a safe online space for people to connect via private encrypted video calls.

What is The Philosophy behind “Message for Success”?

The book is a daily journal full of wisdom based on quotes from famous and successful people about business success. Three hundred sixty-five motivational shots of inspiration that you can read randomly daily, keeping you on track. The book emphasizes the importance of manifestation and positive thinking in achieving success but also encourages readers to visualize their goals, believe in their abilities, and maintain an optimistic attitude throughout their entrepreneurial journey. However, he also stresses that these principles alone cannot guarantee success, and you must still do the work!

Francesco Vitali - Message for success

Do you believe in the Importance of Hard Work and Dedication?

Success requires a strong work ethic and dedication. But also, everyone needs to create a journey of long hours, days, and weeks working tirelessly and passionately on their projects. Because success is not handed to anyone; it requires constant effort, learning, and personal growth. Entrepreneurs must be willing to take risks and face challenges head-on. In this book, you can find advice on how to navigate through difficult times. We must be optimistic and use our mistakes as learning opportunities and hidden blessings because life’s hurdles bring purpose and direction. If you find a reason, you have a purpose; if you have a purpose, nothing stops you. Entrepreneurs can achieve tremendous success and satisfaction by following their passions and aligning their work with their purpose. This book encourages readers to be prepared for the worst while always expecting the best. And as you know, always, the Best is yet to come!

Did you ever afraid of failure?

Not at all. Failure is your best friend. Without failing, you can’t go beyond. It is a lesson you need to learn that could become a positive aspect of your career, and it helps you to develop skills and traits that you can use to achieve tremendous success. There is only success with failure behind, and personally, I have failed repeatedly. The important is to keep trying and use failure as the bridge that will take you to the other side. Instead of putting you down, failure needs to wake up the giant that is hidden inside us.

Usually, people know you for your million dollars ideas. How could you constantly produce a new, unique project idea?

A good idea is only 1% of success; the other 99% is hard work, a great team, and dedication. Success can be attributed to innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, but understanding the importance of teamwork and passion in business is vital. In all my ventures, I always emphasize the value of surrounding myself with a dedicated and talented team with the same vision and enthusiasm. And I firmly believe in the power of teamwork. Lucky me, I have assembled a stellar team behind all our projects. I believe in collaboration, and it is all about the team. With this mindset, my partner Chris Siametis and I have built an incredible team of individuals with a dream team of the best in their field. And because I and numbers don’t get along (he is laughing ), we have the support of our best Chief Financial Officer, Nicholas Coriano, and a visionary CTO, Nick Agas. Of course, the key to success is the top legal advisors, and we have the Best of the Best. Anthony Matsis is our genius attorney with tremendous experience in International law.

A Glimpse into the Future: Vitali’s Continued Impact

Francesco Vitali’s influence and inspiration have a far-reaching impact. As he continues to break new ground and redefine success in the business and entertainment industries, his journey is a powerful motivator for a new generation of entrepreneurs eager to emulate his achievements. His distinctive approach to business success and enthusiasm for innovation and creativity will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on readers and future business leaders.

“Message for Success” can be found end of May on Amazon and in major bookstores nationwide.

Franko vitali

For additional insights, advice, and inspiration from Francesco Vitali, follow his YouTube channel and social media accounts.

By absorbing his experiences and adopting his groundbreaking approaches to business and personal growth, readers can set forth on their paths to success, equipped with the wisdom and support of a visionary entrepreneur.

So, pick up a copy of “Message for Success” and allow Franko Vitali’s insights to illuminate your journey to greatness.

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