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Gorgeous Smiles: The Dental Clinic With A Difference

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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For many, a trip to the dentist could evoke images of uncomfortable surgical chairs, scary procedures, and long waiting times. Some view the dentist with a degree of anxiety and uncertainty, despite the service’s necessity in society. All the while, the private medical sphere is experiencing an epiphany, opting to favor holistic, patient-led approaches that prioritize client comfort.

The co-founder of @gorgeoussmilesdentistry , Dr. Minoo Ghamari, wishes to include the dental sector in that shift. With an invigorating passion for dentistry’s days to come, Ghamari wants to transform the patient experience to achieve a complete smile, rather than simply treating the teeth.

Early in Gorgeous Smiles’ development, those at the helm were faced with some difficult complications. Throughout the company’s establishment, the upstart professional was studying for her Australian dental examination with the pressure of her mother’s ambition sitting on her shoulders. Together, the pair had also immigrated to the country and had cultural discrepancies to understand before growing their business. The existential threat posed to businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic is known territory at this point too.

A company able to overcome these risks must surely have longevity and good future prospects. Gorgeous Smiles, located online at, boasts a model with a more holistic take on patient care, ensuring that clients are conscious of the wider advantages of oral health. Ghamari considers her practice a ‘dental spa’ that promises patients a positive experience in stark contrast to negative assumptions.

This cutting-edge approach has since been combined with savvy use of social media to address the concerns of potential patients, resulting in a winning business model. Ghamari has made online cosmetic consultations available to those on the fence about using the practice and utilized social media platforms to raise awareness around dental procedures, all in an effort to broaden the appeal of her clinic.

Making her dental insight accessible to a wider audience has given Dr. Minoo Ghamari and Gorgeous Smiles the pivotal opportunity to grow throughout Victoria and across the whole of Australia.

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