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Greedy Gramps is an NFT Project Bringing Real-World-Value to its Members

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Velma Romero
Velma Romero
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Greedy Gramps is an NFT project set to launch in January of 2022 and is building significant hype around its unique membership benefits model. Where the trend of NFTs has been confined to digital value up until this point, Greedy Gramps is pioneering the intersection of the real world and the metaverse. The project will be implementing a one-of-a-kind set of utilities called “NFT for Access” that has previously not been seen in the NFT art space.

Based on a philosophy that values real-world applicability, pop culture, and social engagement, holders of Greedy Gramps NFTs will become members of rewards programs similar to the likes of AMEX Centurion Loyalty Membership Benefits. That means owning a Greedy Gramps NFT will result in access to exclusive tickets to real world festivals and events, investment opportunities, fashion brands, hotel deals, and online shopping discounts—all in the real world. Where NFT projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club have strived to create a community for its holders, up until this point these benefits were confined to the digital sphere and events or rewards in the metaverse. Ultimately, Greedy Gramps is innovating a way to use digital assets to reshape the future of rewards and loyalty programs in the real world.

Increasing NFT Accessibility

By combining their project’s exceptional artwork with real world value, Greedy Gramps is making NFTs more conceptually accessible to those who are new to the space, giving buyers a reason to value the digital assets outside of the metaverse and in a familiar context. NFT holders will see their benefits outlined in five categories: Crypto Investment Opportunities, Hype Collaborations, Money Can’t Buy Moments, Lifechanger, and Greedy Originals. Within each of these channels will be access to tickets, discounts, and other rewards listed above.

“We know that giving holders tangible benefits—like discount access to a Louis Vuitton bag, makes our NFT project hold double value in both the digital and real worlds. Plus, the rewards system is contingent on partnerships which has enabled our team to develop strong relationships with brands and companies that have put collaboration at our foundation,” says Basti, a member of the Greedy Gramps creation team.

Greedy Gramps’ model works to humanize NFTs, expanding the definition of community beyond that of a Discord group. “Everyone loves free stuff, and everyone loves to get a discount on high value goods and experiences. Whether it’s a fun night away at a hotel, tickets to a concert of your favorite musician, or pre-sale access to luxury goods, by providing this bundle of exceptional real-world relevance, the value of our NFT project speaks for itself and is easily understandable by all.”

Creating a tangible value to their digital tokens, Greedy Gramps’ model promises to revamp not only the structure of assets in the metaverse, but also the strategies and methods for reward and membership programs that originate in the real world moving forward. All their NFTs are based on Ethereum and will be sold via the OpenSea marketplace upon their launch mid-January.

See more from Greedy Gramps on their website, Instagram, Twitter, or Discord channel.

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