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How Chad Ehlers and Project Give Back Are Helping Hospitalized Children

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Esperanza Squire
Esperanza Squire
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Chad Ehlers is a social media personality known for his inspiring story and his ongoing efforts to make a difference in the world. After leaving his job as a nurse, Chad Ehlers followed his passion of becoming a motivational speaker and positive force for good. He quickly found success on Tik Tok and delighted millions with his dances and inspiring words. Chad has now made the switch from dancing, however, to focus on a topic close to his heart.

When his daughter was diagnosed with cancer at only 1 year old, Chad decided to do everything in his power to help bring awareness to childhood cancer. His latest endeavor is Project Give Back and is set to be a crucial initiative for helping hospitalized kids.

Project Give Back was devised by Chad Ehlers as a way to provide ongoing support to children fighting cancer. He has invested in a team and given them the mission of creating 100 online stores in 2 years. Once these stores have been established, Chad will be giving away 50% ownership to his subscribers. With his personal 50%, he will continue investing in all of the stores. In addition to this, 10% of every store will be going to his non-profit Chad Change.

Chad Change is the charity that he has developed to help these hospitalized children. Project Give Back will help him further fund the charity and allow him to provide even more support to kids who are in need.

Project Give Back pulls online investors and Bitcoin investors together and encourages to donate some of their profits to childhood cancer research. Chad Change continues to make an impact and he shares he and his daughter’s journey with his now over 4 million followers. The events he hosts, live streaming he does, merchandise he sells, and more, all contribute to his mission of helping children beat cancer for good.

Chad Ehlers has become one of the most positive influencers seeking to make a difference in society. Through Chad Change and now his latest project ‘Project Give Back’, he continues to demonstrate that he will stop at nothing to help raise money for children who are hospitalized. To learn more about his inspiring story and his mission, visit his website here.

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