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How John Bommarito and the Bommarito Automotive Group Built a Portfolio of Vehicles to Cater to Any Buyer

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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Cars are more than just vehicles of need. To some, cars may be a fascination, dream, or even a status symbol. Buying your first car with your hard-earned money can be the most memorable moment of your life, and Bommarito Automotive Group is helping people live these moments. Bommarito Automotive Group is a world renowned automobile dealer ranked 71st out of 17,000 dealers with a sales presence that is unprecedented in the USA. The company was started with a vision to “have a vehicle in our portfolio for every type of buyer,” and after several decades in the industry, Bommarito is seeing this vision become a reality. The success of Bommarito Automotive Group is mostly attributed to the president of the company, John J. Bommarito, the son of the founder Frank Bommarito.

After a couple of years in the Navy, Frank began his career as a car jockey and washer at a local GM dealership in 1952. He then started selling new and used cars and soon became recognized in the field. After he ranked 8th in the nation in retail sales, Frank became the sales manager at Missouri’s largest GM dealership, and since then, he never looked back. His son John J. Bommarito took over the company’s reins from his father in 1998 to lead it to several achievements over the next two decades.

John was only 12 when he started washing and parking cars for delivery. Being born into a family with an entrepreneurial legacy, he naturally fell for cars at a young age. At 15, John joined the service and parts departments to understand the backbone of the business, and this experience went a long way in adding value to his future moves. John left his promising career as a med student, pausing his quest to be a doctor after his acceptance to Stanford University Medical School. Instead, he followed his passion for cars and entered the family business.

John started by selling Mazdas, soon moving to the Nissan location as the financial manager and then the sales manager. He shifted to Bommarito’s nationwide subsidiary “Bommarito Cellular” for a brief period as the general manager. After scaling up the division to record-breaking sales with 40 retail stores and a wholesale dealership, John was back to the automotive section. General Motors approached him in 1992 to purchase an Oldsmobile-Cadillac store from bankruptcy.

This move proved to be a landmark development for Bommarito as it soon became a reliable destination of automotive needs for St. Peters’, Missouri residences. With Mazda lined up, sales started escalating, earning the President’s Club award for being one of the top dealerships nationwide. The store presently averages more than 300 units per month. This unprecedented turn around definitely caught the eye of every manufacturer and key automotive personnel in the market place. John and his company’s success were further highlighted when the Inaugural Nascar Cup and Nascar Truck Series Races were held from June 3-5, 2022. The weekend was a major success with over 75,000 races fans in attendance from all over the world with an estimated economic impact of over 70 Million dollars to the State of Illinois and City of St Louis market place.

Following successful sales with Mazda, several top automobile companies lined up for dealerships in the St Louis Market place with Bommarito Automotive Group. First, it was Pontiac and then Suzuki, Honda, 2 Volkswagen locations, Audi, Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, another Nissan location and recently Toyota. With this, John has seen the vision behind the company’s foundation come true. One vehicle for every type of family’s needs. He plans to always continue to renovate existing projects and facilities to further scale up the business. John’s future moves are directed towards his mission of seeing one Bommarito vehicle in every driveway, which has quickly become a reality.

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