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How Maya Darwiche built her own beauty business and lead it to success

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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The beauty industry continues to grow bigger and bigger everyday with demand for various innovative services increasing rapidly. For Michigan based Maya Darwiche, this comes as no surprise. Maya Darwiche has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years and is no stranger to the trends and demands of the beauty industry. With international PMU (permanent makeup) accreditation to her name, Darwiche has spent the past few years growing her very own business, MD-Esthetics, and helping people achieve their beauty goals.

Darwiche wasn’t always working as an aesthetician, in fact she spent time working for Ford Motor Company and as a high school teacher. In her spare time, however, beauty and makeup was her main passion and it was her experience working at Mary Kay Cosmetics that inspired her to become qualified in the application of makeup. After spending some time raising her four children, Darwiche decided to build her very own beauty empire. With a passion for both leadership and makeup, Darwiche was the perfect person to develop and lead a beauty business.

Based in Livonia, Michigan, MD-Esthetics has quickly become one of the most well-loved clinics in the area. Offering a range of professional services and backed by a friendly and experienced team, MD-Esthetics is changing clients’ lives and boosting their confidence with their range of treatments. With services available for both men and women, Darwiche and her team aim to help as many people as they can look and feel their best.

Darwiche understands the importance of developing innovative ways to improve beauty enhancement techniques for customers. After working tirelessly to find a better alternative to traditional cosmetic tattoos, Darwiche discovered the newest techniques from Europe and Asia. She then trained with some of the most prominent beauty professionals in the world to gain 4 certifications of advanced permanent makeup techniques. With this knowledge under her belt, Darwiche developed the unique methods that she used to base her own business on. It is these unique methods that leave clients so satisfied and are continuing to advance the beauty world.

MD-Esethetics has grown into a business that offers a multitude of high-quality beauty services. These services include microblading, semi-permanent eyeliner, lash lifts, scalp micropigmentation and more. Darwiche has built an expert team alongside her business that continues to provide exceptional and reliable beauty enhancement services to help people feel confident about themselves.

Maya Darwiche’s unique approach to beauty has allowed her to develop a business that has emerged as one of the leading beauty clinics in the area. Her passion for makeup and dedication to ensuring that people are happy and confident in their appearance is unparalleled and a big part of what makes her business so successful.

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