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How OunizZ Brings An Unwavering Feeling of Rugged Authenticity

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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When it comes to separating an average rug from a handcrafted OunizZ Moroccan rug – authenticity is often the catalyst. Interior decoration and aesthetical design have never been more personalized and popular, and the demand for authentic pieces is at an all-time high.

This is where the one-of-a-kind OunizZ range comes in. The company has made quite a name for itself in recent years as the premier producer of handcrafted Moroccan rugs that ship worldwide.

In such a multi-faceted marketplace it can be daunting for a company to stand out against competitors – so this article will be exploring a few of the ways that OunizZ expertly sets itself apart from the crowd.


One thing that separates OunizZ from the rest is its business model and impeccable customer-centric ideology. As their entire range is bespoke and handcrafted to be wholly unique, their attention to detail and approach in the design stages is impressive, to say the least.

One of their cornerstone services is customizing a Moroccan rug design that reflects their customer’s vision and desires effortlessly. Their long list of testimonials from around the globe certainly echoes this with each happy customer gushing about the service, result, and communication.


We’ve mentioned the term ‘authenticity’ quite a lot in this article, and that is for a very specific reason. Other companies tend to claim authenticity through inspiration alone, claiming authenticity without actually delivering. However, with OunizZ, it is about more than just words.

Each of their bespoke Moroccan rugs is handcrafted by artisans in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with each rug taking 6-12 weeks to complete. After all, the best things in life take time. The vibrant dyes and impeccable designs are thanks to the artisan partners that work exclusively with OunizZ to bring each unique vision to fruition.


Running any business these days necessitates a degree of passion and devotion to succeed. The team behind OunizZ have certainly expressed this in each and every rug they’ve cultivated and delivered.

The fact that their entire range stems from a hidden corner of the world says a lot on its own. Compound that with the fact that the couple that is behind OunizZ have always stood by their range and continue to engage with their clientele with open eyes and minds.

OunizZ is growing every day, with new rugs being handcrafted and shipped to all corners of the earth. We cannot wait to see where they end up! With new rugs being designed and hand-weaved by the most talented women and shipped to their forever homes in all corners of the world!

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