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How to change the law

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George Soto
George Soto
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Over a thousand of years ago, democracy was created, a system of government whereby each citizen of that country can choose elected officials to sit in the government. Since its first use in Ancient Greece, democracy and law have developed. It has its naysayers and its challengers, but it is chosen as the governing system for majority of countries today.

There are many benefits to democracy, it promotes equality in society, giving everyone an equal say. It gives citizens a sense of obligation and responsibility to make a choice regarding leadership and forces people to take an interest in the running of the country and its respective laws. However, one of the best things about living in the democracy is that you have the power to change a law.

If you feel so strongly about a law in your countries constitution, you don’t have to stand idly by as it continues to affect the country and how it’s governed. Here are a few things that you should do to help make a change.

  1. Create a group

You have your beliefs and now it’s time to force them on everyone else. Whenever you have the chance, make sure to tell your friends. Through that you’ll find out pretty quickly if you have support. After this, go onto the internet and search out those with similar feelings. It won’t be difficult. There are groups of people that hold all sorts of beliefs, and hopefully those of you too. You need people behind your movement and this is the best way to find it.

  1. Publicise your thoughts

You’ve got your group and you’ve found a common goal that everyone has memorised. Now is the time to bring it into the public eye. Make media and social media appearances the norm. Grow your group and then eventually you’ll be able to bring it to the streets. Organise a peaceful rally announcing your thoughts and the changes you want. The bigger the rally, the more trouble and inconvenience you’ll cause. The public and most importantly the government will take notice and your change will be closer than ever. Once the protest has finished, start an online petition. Even when people don’t care they are happy to put their signature to something, so you’ll be sure to get people to help.

  1. Bring it to the government

Now that you have created some momentum behind your issue, it’s time to find a government representative that you can trust to help you out. The higher their position the better. You need someone that has pull within the government and who can convince others of the worthiness of your cause. The quicker this process, the better. Then, before you know it, the government will discuss your proposed changes and with any luck you’ll have a referendum being scheduled for a few months time and a change of law after that.

It may take a few months or even years but with a democracy as the ruling system, anything is possible.

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