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How to Identify And Stay Away From Scam Sites

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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When it comes to online betting, there is always an element of risk since your fate is basically determined by the odds. However, even with games of chance, the rules should be fair and free from scammers looking to cheat and take advantage. So how can you identify and avoid shady online betting sites? Keep reading to find out.

Online betting red flags

When using an online betting website (especially for sports betting), there are some red flags you should be on the look-out for to avoid being scammed. Some common red flags include;

  • Claims of insider information (sure bets) – unless a particular game has been fixed or rigged, there is no way to guarantee its outcome. Betting websites and companies can only provide odds based on an assessment of circumstances and participants, so avoid any website that uses terms like ‘sure bet’ as they may not be legit.
  • Lack of transparency with their records.
  • A promise of zero risks and high win rates of over 55%.

How to stay to away from scam betting sites

Use regulated betting websites

Before using any betting website, ensure that the site is well regulated and licensed by the proper regulatory authorities. This is because, unlike scam sites that offer long odds that seem too good to be true (and are probably so), well-regulated betting sites offer odds that are competitive and realistic. Also, be sure to make use of the verification website to be sure of the betting website’s safety and protect your personal data from being compromised.

Do your research

When looking for reliable and safe betting websites, it is highly important that you do your homework. Have a good understanding of the game and how the odds work, and avoid websites with bad payout rates. Also, ensure that you read and properly understand the terms and conditions of any betting website before you place your bets. These terms and conditions must also include verifying the payment methods the site uses. To enjoy a safer online betting experience, it is recommended that you use a verification platform to determine a website’s authenticity and security features.

Read reviews and comments

Check out comments and reviews of the betting website you intend to use to get an idea of how things work. Ensure that you pay attention to; the reviews posted by people with actual names instead of aliases, as their identity can be easily verified, the type of games the reviewer played and what their overall experience was like. Some betting websites also have forums for their users, so you can ask other users about their betting experience and what you should probably expect.

Do not fall for websites with overly tempting ads

Betting websites with flashy logos and pop-up ads are something you should be wary of. Also, ignore any betting-related spam messages or emails, especially the ones that seem too good to be true, as they mostly are.


Online betting can be a fun hobby that not only offers you entertainment but the chance to win good money. However, caution needs to be exercised to avoid losing money to scammers. Look out for the tell-tale signs of scam betting sites (unrealistic offers, sure bets, long odds and offers of insider information or 100% guaranteed wins) and rely on your instincts and understanding of the game while using verification websites to secure your information.


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