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IoT: The New Blood In Veins Of Old Fashioned Businesses

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
Travon Marner is a seasoned journalist with nearly 12 years under his belt. While studying journalism at Boston, Travon found a passion for finding local stories. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Travon mostly covers human interest pieces.

The biggest struggle for each developing company is to make money and keep the most margin profit. As a company becomes bigger, it is hard to reduce the extra cost especially when the company is following a traditional managing and manufacturing system. With a brief look at the market cap, it is highly understandable that most money maker businesses are the most digitialized ones. On the other hand, traditional and old fashioned companies are getting faded one by one.

Consider a UPS manufacturing company with only 30 employees, in ten years of working, they have designed and manufactured more than 900 devices for different industries and clients. But they are facing some problems such as:

  • It is easy to accept the orders but it’s not to buy all the materials and components in the right time and finish the manufacturing without any delays.
  • In this company there are minimum human resources for after sales services and as each device is installed in different places around the country, they face many issues with managing the after sales service schedule.
  • Also using outside technicians might damage the quality of work, hiring more engineers and training them is a good idea but that would cause financial burdens.
  • Sometimes a customer from one of the southern areas calls and needs a simple check of settings or they have a simple alarm that can be easily solved. Sending a team there can be expensive for the company specially when the customer is using their guarantee period.

Let’s get digitalized

Companies’ managers know that with digital transformation, these types of situations can be solved,

but it’s not possible without hiring an IoT consultant

IoT consultants after analyzing every aspect of the business will share the ideas of how to become a digital master.

Here are some examples:

IoT virtual assistant

1. IoT virtual assistant (for customer service)

One of the strategies to reduce customer services can be implementing an IoT assistant for the devices. Each device has a local monitoring system that saves the log of alarms. With IoT, it is possible to design a virtual assistant so if the customer connects their devices to the Internet in their site, they can monitor their alarms. Also the technicians of the factory can be connected remotely and change the settings or decide what to do with each alarm.

2. Guarantee Control

Sometimes it is hard for the company to understand that operators have misused the device and they service and repair the problem without any cost. With IoT it is possible to control the misuse and disable the guarantee period of that device.

3. Digital portal for customers

As it is hard to supply all the components in a proper time, with creating a digital portal for customers it would be possible to schedule next orders and pursue customers to order sooner.

Digital portal for customers 

4. Temperature

As these devices are very sensitive to temperature and humidity, it is possible to implement IoT gateways to sense and collect data and warn the user if they are damaging the device.

5. Smart Updates

With developing technologies there might be software updates which are hard to implement to all the sold devices and update them, but with IoT it is possible to access remotely and update them.

developing technologies


The future of business is digitalization and implementation of  IoT platforms, starting this journey sooner would accelerate our businesses and keep us alive in the market.

Arshon technology will be with you through this path

Author: Eli(Elnaz) Sadafi, IoT design engineer @ Arshon technology

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