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Keeping Kids Safe Online with Bjorn Beam & The Security Squad

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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In a world of internet domination and consistent symbiotic living with the digital realm, Bjorn Beam is a creator who wants to ensure kids have online street smarts. Bjorn Beam developed the ‘Security Squad’, a way to educate and inform kids about the potential hazards that exist online through an innovative, interactive, and fun experience. The choose your own adventure setup allows for kids to garner an idea of how choices can impact and cause disruption to their lives in a safe and secure environment.

Bjorn Beam is no stranger to the dangers that potentially lurk online, he’s a veteran in the industry – with ties to the FBI and CIA through cybersecurity mechanisms and training. Through his experiences, he noticed that there is a severe lack of education for online safety – particularly for children.

The Security Squad

The Security Squad was an elegant solution that Bjorn Beam settled on, an online adventure game that teaches through fun and frivolity. The choose your own adventure aspect was a mark of true understanding of psychology.

After all, the choices being made online are a steppingstone to the eventual result, showcasing this to children at an early age is a genuine way of creating positive behavioral triggers for their own future and foray into the online space.

Gamification – Education

Through the gamification of the lessons, Bjorn Beam has stumbled onto a novel manner of garnering the ever-decreasing attention spans of younger generations, teaching with a balance of enjoyment and educational merit to bring about a positive response overall.

Through the choose your own adventure structure, Bjorn Beam has tapped into the idea that children can see the immediate ramifications of potentially hazardous actions, and calmly and safely explain how this conclusion is avoided.

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