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Truth Coach Randy G. Howell Jr. Reveals The Secrets to Achieving Your Goals in 2023

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There are few people in the world that don’t find goal-setting intimidating. There’s so much to think about. Are you setting your sights too high or too low? What if you don’t achieve what you set out to do? What if you are missing the resources or guidance that you need? These are just a few ways that setting goals can be scary — even professional coaches know how hard this aspect of self-improvement can be.

This is a popular topic near the new year, when many of us make resolutions to eat better, work harder, waste less time, and save more money. Engaging an empathetic and inspiring coach can make all the difference if you are someone that stands in your own way regarding progress.

Truth Coach Randy G. Howell Jr. has spent his career assisting others in reaching their most treasured goals and dreams through the power of truth. “In some ways, it doesn’t even matter what an individual’s goal is, we just need to make a master plan for how to reach it, step-by-step,” said Howell Jr.

He has explained truth coaching as a holistic approach to success that combines identifying issues, setting goals, creating plans, and transforming yourself. Howell Jr.’s past clients report that, after working with him, they are more self-empowered than ever before.

Fear of Success

The astute coach shared one reason we might fail at our goals and stand in our own way when it comes to reaching them. It’s that, deep down, we don’t want to change. “We’re comfortable in our misery because while in it, we don’t have to change,” explained Howell Jr. “Many people let themselves believe that fate throws things at you, and they use that as an excuse to ‘go with the flow.”

But, what’s more likely is that laziness and bad habits keep you from your goals. This behavior is unhealthy, and before we know it, we’ve let years pass us by without making any discernible progress toward the dreams that will make us most happy and proud. Howell Jr. helps his clients to see that, break patterns, and make an action plan.

His patients learn how to break through barriers, real or imagined, and succeed using the power of personal truth he teaches through online coaching sessions. Here, he shares his advice for reaching any goal in 2023.

Set Your Empowering Goal

The first piece of advice that the Truth Coach shared is about setting a goal and achieving realistic goals. He suggests setting something good for you and empowering enough to inspire you throughout the year, providing long-term vision and short-term motivation.

“Choose a goal within reach and find the courage to stand in your own truth to reach it. We live in a world where we worry about everything around us. That is where depression comes from because you haven’t activated the part of your brain that you prioritize yourself.”

While he knows all too well that self-improvement can easily take a back seat to your responsibilities to your children, work, and family but reminds you that you’re less likely to burn out if you are caring for yourself as well.

Set Mini Goals

Because we all have busy lives, Howell strongly advocates setting mini-goals along the way to your major empowering goal. Break your progress into smaller chunks that you can use as benchmarks to keep you motivated, happy, and on track.

We feel less overwhelmed and more likely to carry through to the end by taking small steps.

“Mini goals are exactly what they sound like — small, short-term, and achievable goals. Setting mini goals along the way makes it tremendously easier to achieve that big goal,” said the coach.

Make It Easy

One of Howell’s favorite pieces of advice is to stop making things harder for yourself than they have to be.

For example, if your goal is to create a personal website, but you are terrible at web design and you know it frustrates you endlessly, make things easier on yourself by hiring a junior or amateur developer on sites like Fiverr or Upwork. To come up with the money to pay them, take on a side gig at something you’re good at that won’t drive you crazy.

In this way, you can reach your goal without frustrating yourself.

Follow a Plan

To keep you on track, you must have a plan. Set monthly, weekly, or even daily goals that move you toward your dream and stick to them. It’s when people falter without a plan that they fall off track.

“Have structure, set a plan, put the plan in action, and be prepared for detours!” said Howell Jr. “As long as each circumstance is treated with the same openness and honesty by the client and the Truth Coach, then there is no limit to how far we can take them.”

No matter your goal for the coming year, these tips from the Truth Coach will help you reach them with the power of personal truth.

About Randy G. Howell Jr.

Randy G. Howell Jr. is a life coach, mentor and public speaker. He is the founder of the House of Howell and creator of the signature ‘S.I.M.S. Approach’, which helps individuals in their personal and professional lives, via exclusive online coaching and mentoring sessions. He is the author of the recently released book, Truth of the Matter. For more information about Coach Randy and his online coaching sessions, please visit

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