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Rosh International: The End of Performative Philanthropy

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox graduated from Columbia University in 2005. Rachel grew up in Canada but moved to the US after completing her school. Rachel has written for several major publications including Buzz Feed and the Huffington Post. Rachel is a community reporter, she also covers economy, business and entrepreneurial news and issues.

We never run out of examples of nonprofits behaving badly. For so many unknown stories, there are always ongoing scandals or investigations, and more evidence of waste.  This situation has given traction for donor-advised funds, consulting firms, and social enterprises to occupy a more noticeable role in philanthropy giving.  One group that truly offers a unique alternative to traditional philanthropy is Rosh International. Their surgical approach and the discrete way they conduct their operations is fresh and brilliant.  It seems easier to get an invitation to apply for the American Express Centurion Black Card than to join the client list of Rosh International, a Social Investment Firm that finds and creates customized philanthropic solutions for individuals and organizations both nationally and internationally.

“The secret sauce is simple: we only work with people who want programs that are effective, efficient, and measurable,” said Rachmani Domersant, Managing Partner at Rosh International. “No gimmicks about expense profiles and no crying babies; it is about providing real value to you and your business.”

Rachmani R. Domersant
Rachmani R. Domersant, Managing Partner at Rosh International. Credit: David Hoheb.

His firm has hired best-in-class talent from university professors to former Fortune 100 business executives. Rosh International is a powerful alternative that can easily disrupt traditional philanthropy, which too often relies on selling poverty and needs, not tangible solutions. Social investors are getting tired of funding programs that fail, and shipping expired or unusable goods to poor countries. Philanthropists are becoming more intentional about their giving and are demanding real results, which is becoming an unbearable headache for many nonprofits that have become accustomed to receiving money with zero accountability.

Rosh International works with many organizations including nonprofits that want to do right by both social investors and intended beneficiaries.

“We have found that many people want to do good but do not know how to do it successfully or at a greater scale. These are the individuals we work with.  We steer away from humanitarian tourism and programs that simply cause more harm than good. We are not here to judge our clients’ motivations to help, but to ensure they make an impactful difference,” said Domersant.

Rosh International’s relationships with communities and partner organizations makes them a prime choice in designing, leading, or implementing successful programs. Their diverse team provides unique and practical experiences to unlocking social investment values that are truly sustainable, a clear departure from what seems to have been a long-accepted norm of funding collapsing efforts or programs.

“This is a clear alternative to performative philanthropy, a world where terminologies like outputs, outcomes, and impact are freely conflated and diluted to impulsive fundraising buzzwords,” Domersant stated.

Far too many choose to play on words, but the reality has been that the funds of many organizations cannot be accounted for and there are often few results. Today, people are demanding results, and this is refreshing for Domersant who believes that the time has come to only do the right thing.

“Once we learn about our clients and their interests, we put together a tailored plan,” he said. “This makes it difficult to work on every project or with everyone; we limit the work to social investment opportunities that create maximum impact for both investors and the underserved population. We do prefer programs that touch on entrepreneurship, social justice, and mental wellness.”

Advances in technology allow for heightened scrutiny, the ability to verify success claims and evaluate results with ease that exposes lack of performance and wasted help as it has never been done before. Dumping philanthropy is quickly becoming a more noticeable practice and everyone is watching.

“Did you ever lend your good name to a cause and regretted that decision? Have you tried to do good and made it worse? We are here to solve this problem” Domersant added. “Rosh International goes beyond selling issues, we’re focused on providing results.”

As a mostly self-regulated industry, philanthropy faced its share of scandals and disappointments. Governments world-wide are paying close attention to fundraising practices and usefulness. Many organizations in recent years have been caught inflating the effectiveness and value of their donations while underestimating overhead expenses.

Just as with many things in life the only way donors, fundraisers, and social investors can provoke a meaningful shift in mindsets is to vote with their dollars and stop funding failure. There are a great number of organizations out there able and willing to go that extra mile with you to ensure that your needs are met.  Many are already doing the work and could use your support. When done the right way, individuals and businesses can extract significant value out of their social investment. You could certainly implement your mission alone, or you can hire experts like Rosh International with a proven track record that will help you make a difference today.

Learn more about Rosh International by visiting or simply contacting them at You can also follow Rosh International at IG @roshinternational

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