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Scott Hughes On Sourcing Inspiration from Strange Places

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One never knows where inspiration will come from, writers like Scott Hughes know this better than most. The writer and curator of is no stranger to strange ideas coming from unexpected places and a lot of authors reading this will likely flashback to a moment of pure inspiration that has befallen them at one time or another.

Unlikely Inspiration

For Scott Hughes, his only work of fiction “Justice: A Novella” came while he was at the gym. Not in its finished state of course, but the germination of one scene in particular was enough to send him into a state of pure creation which ultimately led to his first published work of fiction.

The scene in question was a dialogue between two of the characters, after becoming fixed on it, he continued his workout and mulled it over further. After months of germinating the idea, it finally had its first set of teeth. After writing this scene, the rest of the book followed suit.

Not So Atypical

It sounds like it is an odd location to find inspiration, but Scott Hughes is certainly not alone. Many writers have touted the necessity and utility of physical exercise for keeping the mind occupied enough to craft new and exciting rhetoric.

People often attribute grand ideas to ‘shower thoughts’, but the same principle can be applied to the gym. Renowned author Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club, Choke etc.) has said that working out is where he creates a lot of his ideas, so Scott Hughes is in excellent company in this regard.

The Lesson For Writers

If there is a lesson to be taken from Scott Hughes’ brush with inspiration its this, be active! There are countless ways to disconnect and let the ideas flow out from unexpected places and drawn from odd conclusions. Going for a walk, going to the gym, even washing the dishes can allow your mind to wander and sprout that scene that pulls your whole idea together.

Writers block is curable my friends, it simply requires an alternative environment to beat, for young writers and old, find a way to playfully disconnect and watch the ideas flow.

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