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Shaking Up Your Next House Party With Party Shakers

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Summer is fast approaching, and no doubt there are a number of people are calling up services like Party Shakers to book in a bespoke bartending experience like no other. While the world has opened back up, there seems to be a rising tide of people who are preferring to keep it classy and personal. House parties and occasions are becoming more popular than going out, and with services like Party Shakers, it is not hard to see why.

Keeping It Simple

Planning a party or event these days is arduous enough, especially when you consider the restrictions and down-payments you need to make for any given venue. Then, on the night of, there can be any number of issues, from slow service to loud table neighbors that throw a spanner into your special evening.

These private bartending services are changing the way we look at hospitality, think of it as the best of the best from the industry coming right to your door and setting up shop. As you can see, it really is quite simple, and the burden of responsibility is immediately lifted once you’ve made the call. No more lines at the club, no more worrying about noise levels, and no worry about cleaning up.

The Party Shakers Experience

Party Shakers have made a name for themselves in recent years as the premier choice for private events. Not only do they have the requisite skillset you want in bartenders, but they also make their mark with the little additions to their service that no other enterprise offers at such an affordable price.

The house party is back in fashion, and Party Shakers is there to serve. Their uniqueness is bolstered with a personalized setup that can fit into almost any theme you can imagine. Their theme is Luxuriously Affordability – all the bells and whistles without the price tags. This comes out in spades when you see some of their previous setups which includes photobooths and wild range of cocktails.

…With A Smile

Too many bartending services neglect the most important aspect of hospitality, service! This was once of the principal reasons for the creation of the company as their founders wanted to offer a signature style and undeniable service for their ever-growing list of clients.

Their easy customer service and obvious experience in the realm of hospitality allows them to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Their ambition is quite inspiring as well as they’re planning on expanding to even more states around the USA to give more parties a little shake up.

Their range is continuously expanding as well with more options for every budget range and style of party you can imagine.

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