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Shull Homes Founder Joshua Shull Shows off Industry Insight In His New Article

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Rachel Knox
Rachel Knox
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Typically, industry analysts and business owners stay a considerable distance apart from one another. While both sides of the equation influence each other, there is a clear separation of responsibilities and expertise between the two positions. It’s even more true of the real estate sector, where speculation so commonly affects the trajectory of the market, but with the same frequency is proven entirely misguided. But a certain level of understanding can be achieved when one role vacations into the other, as came to the surface when Joshua Shull recently commented on real estate trends in a LinkedIn post.

Though Shull has been the founder of Shull Homes since 2017, lately, he has stepped beyond the duties typically expected of a company head, presenting himself in a different light. The company’s YouTube channel has become more prominent, while Shull has spoken as a leader on issues such as company culture, recruitment ethos, and remote working. One of his most recent pieces of content concerned the balance he believes should be drawn when pre-empting the real estate market.

Joshua Shull

“Every press release, tweet, and scratch of the pen will have an influence on ‘what’s next?’” he commented. “Pay too much attention, and you’ll be told exactly what to think. For those that haven’t figured it out yet—nobody has the answers!”

Shull’s statement may distinguish him from others in the sector as a maverick-like figure. He urges individuals not to read the words of analysts as invariably accurate, which will likely resonate with those who have seen the property market dip and soar in the years since the pandemic began. In many cases, speculation has prompted fluctuation when key indicators have remained consistent. Shull appears to advise observers to cut through the noise and judge the future on basic principles.

“Take a snapshot of what’s happening around the world and observe keenly the never-ending power struggle between X and Y,” he added. “Choose your variables from a multitude of things, depending mostly on what direction you’re facing and what shiny object dangles in front of you.”

Shull’s last comments seem to call on the audience to use their instincts when deciding what property market analysis to trust. The article is not the first time Shull has gained attention for his unconventional perspective. As an employer, he articulated the importance of firing employees in running a positive and successful business earlier this year, citing the overpopulation of the real estate sector as a reason to prioritize the development of proven staff. But this recent appeal to individual judgment could forerun further industry commentaries in the future as the list of areas he wishes to speak in expands.

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