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Suraj Beera: The Booming Entrepreneur and Influencer Digital creator who is paving the way for people live a healthy Life style with his new Startup “Your Diet manager” and his travel brand community on Instagram “aliveisawesome”

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Ever wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle without any deviations?

This booming new innovative startup of Suraj Beera called “Your diet Manager” is changing the way people live and making health a vital part of everyones routine.

“YOUR  DIET MANAGER” is an online healthcare consultation and E-commerce(food and dietician )website founded by entrepreneur and Digital Creator Suraj Beera specifically targeted to people who are self conscious of their lifestyle and the diet they are taking. It is free to be used by anyone.

Suraj Beera - diet manager

Suraj Beera says this  is a Online business startup which is  focused on simplicity, ease for users(user-friendly), resource optimization, and easy maintainance.

Basically, this website provides instant online solutions to diet intake to be followed and healthy food to be prescribed on basis of the age groups, health conditions or various exercises and disease curing diet ailments, basically a all in one centre to read healthy diet tips from blogs of top dieticians, get diet consultations on basis of requirements/disease, book a diet/exercise plan accordingly and shop the necessary on the shop, we also have Instagram and youtube channels attached to reach all people.

Till now we have seen dieticians and fitness trainers only for celebs and the rich but not for common people, hence we decided to make a good website which gives diet solutions and helping and guidance to all age groups free online on basis of their health problems age or the condition or the exercises they are performing and also with a online diet store which helps everyone to get fresh organic food directly in a prepared way as a programme oriented by a good diet support.

This is really essential and helpful for many people of this generation as health and diet are key factor and we cannot approach a specialist or get the prescribed food directly in the required time.

What makes our business unique?

Suraj Beera says we know millions of diet websites, or e-commerce food shopping websites, and many apps for booking appointments with dieticians and doctors..

But in the current generation, have you ever seen a business entity which delivers the following: suppose we want to recover /want to exercise for fitness/remain healthy

In one place you need to go to the doctor, then get his advice, then follow a diet plan

Or refer online videos or read blogs, shop the required food items online/market

Sometimes you might end up missing anyone of this-or it might be too expensive.

What if u get a ideal all in one solution for this ?

Read your relevant diet blog, watch the relevant videos, identify your requirement,

Book an appointment with dietician, get enrolled in a diet plan, buy the relevant items in your plan

Which are readily available and delivered instantly. Also these are organic and you have consultation

Throughout- all in our new idea which puts all at a  place – this makes your consultation food items unique

They are proctored and fresh , the exact thing people of all age group want these days

Plus  it saves u a lot of time and money! We will be there on apps and social media too!

It is user friendly and suitable for all age groups and one of the most required pages needed right now, it saves a lot a money and time and helps in building a improvised lifestyle.

It will have a rich and latest design with constant surveillance.

This is a website focused on simplicity, ease for users(user-friendly), resource optimization, and easy maintenance.

Suraj Beera has successfully collaborated with many brands and is working towards connecting people through . He believes in the power of positive storytelling and develop ideas that have an impact on individuals, communities, brands and the environment.

He is a popular figure on social media and is known for his one of a kind travel film creations and social work for a better living in his country, India.

Suraj Beera


NAME: Suraj Beera

From: India

DOB: 22-08-1999



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