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The Intriguing Discoveries Made With AI Research

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Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee is a tech journalist with nearly 15 years. While studying journalism at Boston, Thelma found a passion for finding new tech gadgets. As a contributor to Business News Ledger, Thelma mostly covers technology news and stories.

In the modern era, artificial intelligence is taking over the zeitgeist and offering companies and people an entirely new way to approach their day-to-day lives. Whether its overt like the famous self-driving cars that are being presented to us, or in more subtle ways such as the ads that show up on our screens that seem a little too on the nose.

Artificial intelligence has changed the game when it comes to automation capabilities and pushing the envelope of what is possible in a range of industries. It can be hard to keep up with everything as so much happens in the space at any given moment.

Once a mark of science fiction, the exciting and revolutionary discoveries associated with AI research and development has already made instrumental changes to the status quo. The following article will be going over some of the more interesting and intriguing examples of the most incredible leaps in technology and access we’ve been able to achieve in the realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Art & Creativity

Let’s first look at one of the more interesting utilities and proponents of AI technology and its utility in the modern world. You wouldn’t necessarily associate art with artificial intelligence, but there is really a lot to unpack here. One of the first professional artworks created by an AI collective out of Paris sold for an incredibly impressive $432,500 in 2018 – marking the first ever artwork created by an algorithm being sold. While these instances are very few and far between, the precedent being set suggests that machine learned artworks could be a factor in the future.

Artificial intelligence has also impressed many members of the general community by having the developed ability to create completely unique faces and people – who don’t exist. The notion that a photorealistic, completely computer generated non-existing human can be created from scratch is equally scary and inspiring.

There are some fascinating follow-throughs that can be ascertained form this conclusion, with clothing companies already howling at the bit to get their hands on the technology to have their models in any pose without having to fork out for a modelling budget.


Everyone has heard of the infamous Boston Dynamics company which came to prominence with their infamous robots and AI capabilities. Beginning in 2005 with the viral sensation “Big Dog” video that captured people’s imaginations. One could even say that Boston Dynamics had a huge hand in bringing the notion of AI powered machines being out of science fiction and in the realm of possibility.


The medical field stands to gain a lot from the great wave of artificial intelligence fund and development foundations. One inspiring one is known as ProFound AI which was launched in 2018 in the USA. Working as a cancer detection software, it has already assisted patients and radiologists in the detection and analysis of early digital breast tomosynthesis in patients.

The detecting nature and machine learning capabilities of AI software has allowed a number of data-based diagnoses be made easier to achieve. The expense is still a factor (as with any new technology), but like the artwork from before, it is a great precursor for the days of AI ahead.

Driving & Deliveries

We’ve mentioned this already, but there is simply something awe inspiring about the development and evolution of the driverless car. Predominantly run by car companies like Tesla, the notion of a driverless car was once laughed out of the room and is now on the cusp of becoming the way of the world.

It is a wild world out there, and luckily, we have the development and research being conducted into AI to help us get there a little safer.

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