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Urgent immigration lawyers: A curtain raiser with insights

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Most Americans are descendants of immigrants and settlers. But you require the support of urgent immigration lawyers for a smooth immigration process.

The United States has an incredibly complex immigration law. Anyone, who went through the process, knows that navigating through the immigration arena is not easy. It involves detailed and extensive paper works. The reality is many potential immigrants have no clear idea of the information they need to provide. Some struggle as English is not their first language. Insufficient information becomes a barrier to enter the United States and stay there legally. Urgent immigration lawyers understand the immigration process thoroughly. Hiring them makes the process smooth-sailing.

Why hire urgent immigration lawyers

We are in a digital society and have easy access to forms, instructions, and research data. Moreover, fees, biometrics, and filing have become costlier. It makes one wonder if to go without an immigration lawyer for cutting down costs. Of course, it is not obligatory.  But hiring an immigration lawyer can save you much cost, effort, and time in the long run.

Immigration has a complex framework. The process can sometimes be challenging and may turn dangerous with the possibility of deportation, expulsion, or separation. The immigration lawyers offer individualized and effective services. They help one navigate smoothly throughout the process. They can also arrange waivers and reliefs for non-US citizens with minor crimes and people staying unlawfully. These lawyers have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. They judge each case separately based on its merit and deliver the best outcome.

When you need an urgent immigration lawyer?

You do not need an immigration lawyer to visit the United States on vacation. You can stay there for a maximum of 90 days. Citizens of some countries can also visit the USA under the visa waiver program.

But you will need the services of urgent immigration lawyers if:

  • Some immigration-related emergencies crop up
  • There is doubtful eligibility for green cards or other benefits.
  • You are a recipient of any government assistance while living in The USA.
  • The admissibility of the application is doubtful for any reason.
  • Asking for discretionary relief like asylum or a waiver, not generally offered.
  • Difficulties in obtaining USCIS green card, citizenship, etc.
  • Preventing deportation or removal procedure.
  • You are deported but wish to return.
  • Refusal of immigration application in the past
  • Planning to immigrate for working with a U.S. employer.
  • Applying for an investment-based visa

Initial meeting and fees

Most immigration lawyers charge a flat fee for consultations. There are a few who offers free initial consultation. The lawyer gives a patient hearing, takes notes, and asks questions. They also check documents and advise if further documents are necessary. Moreover, they advise how one should proceed. When immigrant lawyers represent one in immigration court hearings, they usually charge on an hourly basis.

Activities of work of urgent immigration lawyers

Other than making an immigration application accurate and complete, they help one in fulfilling requests for evidence. Their scope of activities covers the following areas.

  • Family Immigration
  • Immigration of violence victims
  • Employment Immigration
  • Investment Immigration
  • Asylum & Refugee Protection
  • Adjustment of Immigration Status
  • Removal of Conditions
  • Waivers
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile under 21
  • International Adoption
  • Consular Processing
  • PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) labor certification
  • AC21 (American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act)

Benefits of hiring an urgent immigration lawyer

The US immigration laws are very complicated. However, one can benefit in the following ways by hiring an immigration lawyer.

  • Have vast exposure in the immigration process
  • Help to avoid mistakes in the application.
  • Explain the options available
  • Can maneuver permits and regulations.
  • Help to find a legal job
  • Guide to citizenship

Moreover, the immigrants also need to follow some applicable laws. Failure to do so may endanger the immigrant status and face deportation even before the expiry of the visa. The immigration lawyers help to understand these laws for preventing such situations.

Finding immigration lawyers

The US immigration lawyers are independent practitioners. They help clients with a wide range of immigration-related issues. As the United States Law is a federal one, one can take the help of urgent immigration lawyers in any state. Even a person not currently residing in the United States can take their help. One can find a list of them from the Legal500 website. Better, meet at least two immigrant lawyers before hiring one to represent you.

Parting words

The United States has a long history of absorbing people from all over the world. About 13 percent of the US population is immigrants. If you consider the second-generation immigrants, they are one in every four Americans. Hire urgent immigration lawyers and embrace an American identity, contribute to the vibrant society and culture.


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