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Why Fyrebox’s online quizzes are becoming some of the most important teaching tools

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Martin Haglin
Martin Haglin
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Teaching is experiencing a large shift towards online tools. With increasing demand for lessons or information that is delivered via the internet, teachers are having to embrace unique methods of delivering their classes. Online quiz platform Fyrebox, founded by Cyril Gaillard, is one of the easiest and most effective methods being used to engage students and gather important data on their learning experience.

The range of engaging features and the real-time results that can be used to assess students are just some of the reasons it has become so popular as a teaching method.

Fyrebox offers an online quiz making platform that allows teachers to create simple quizzes and customize them to their liking. No matter what subject is being taught, Fyrebox is able to create any kind of quiz whether the content is simple or more complex. Whether it’s a few simple maths questions or a more complicated multi-language quiz, Fyrebox can make the process stress-free and easy.

Cyril Gaillard
Cyril Gaillard

Founder Cyril Gaillard outlines some of the key ways in which Fyrebox quizzes have benefitted the online learning process. The main benefit, which also applies to businesses, is a significant increase in engagement and the retention of students (or customers). New students can be recruited easily through a simple quiz on a website and will remain engaged through Fyrebox’s innovative features.

Secondly, quizzes can be used within an educational institution’s Learning Management System to test existing students and easily measure their results. Finally, students are able to be assessed through their own quiz making abilities.

Many educational institutions are getting students to create a free account on Fyrebox and make their own quizzes to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject area.

The chatbot feature is another unique function developed by Fyrebox to further engage students and help boost their learning process. With most people using their mobile phone for a range of things, particularly for messaging, Fyrebox have developed a way to utilize this and increase quiz engagement.

A chatbot types out the question and sends it to the quiz taker via a messaging app, mimicking a human sending the questions.

This allows the quiz to have more of an involved, real-time feeling and has proven effective for ensuring that students do not drop out of a quiz part way through.

With a focus on user engagement and delivering useful data quickly and efficiently, it’s no surprise that Fyrebox has become one of the most unique and effective tools for online learning. This important teaching tool is improving the lives of both teachers and students and refining the learning experience for all.

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