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3 Tips New Home Builders In WA Need To Know

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Constructing a personal abode from scratch is one of those major life goals that many people have. This is especially true for young families who want to leave their mark on the world with their own house, specifically constructed for and by them.

However, supervising the construction of an entire building is never a straightforward task. Those living in Western Australia, or rather, new home builders in WA need to be careful in how they approach such a huge task less they make a mistake that ruins the entire project.

Let’s take a look at some tips new home builders in WA really need to be aware of before they start any construction project.


Start planning early on

floor plan

It may sound obvious, but detailed planning is absolutely the most critical aspect of any construction. If you just start construction without any concrete plan your dreams are going to crumble faster than you can say ‘short-sighted’.

Every element of your design need to be meticulously planned so to account for all possible contingencies. This includes even small things like how many power points you need or what type of lighting you will install in each room.

Creating a general floorplan is always a good idea to help you put things into perspective. Also, think about collecting ideas you have in a scrapbook so that you can easily draw on things you’ve seen before and considered for your house.

New home builders in WA should always consider engaging a professional architect to help them with the design of their house.


Give your budget plenty of breathing room

All new home builders in WA will have some kind of budget for what they want to do with their dream house. However, the actual cost of the construction almost always costs more than what is originally planned.

This is why you should always leave room for finishing costs which can sometimes account for 15-25% of your overall budget. There are dozens of other small things that your house needs but may not be included in the original estimate you are given.

You also need to make sure you have spare cash for any unforeseen hiccups that may occur during the construction process. For example, you may like something on paper but hate it once it begins to take shape, so having extra cash to change it last minute might be worth your while.


Select the right contractor

For new home builders in WA this is likely the most important choice you make regarding the construction of your dream house. You need to be careful about who exactly you choose to engage as you will be working with them for a long time.

First of all, make sure they are fully qualified and belong to a relevant industry association that can vouch for them as a professional. You should also investigate the work they have done before and get references from their past clients.

It’s also worth taking a look at the average resale value of the houses they have worked on so you can see how good their work is when sold. Take notes of their design style to see if it meshes with yours.

New home builders in WA should also pay close attention to the personality of the contractor to see if they would be ideal to work with. Even if they are talented, you will hate working with them for an extended period if you can’t stand them personally.

Overall, new home builders in WA need to take caution at every stage of the construction process and not rush into things without taking the necessary precautions.


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