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Academy of Art University Highlighted for Alumni Industry Success by Vogue Business

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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When it comes to preparing students for real-world, professional roles, Academy of Art University stands out leagues ahead of the competition. With courses designed by practitioner faculty with the specific purpose of preparing students for what lies ahead in their careers, alumni exit their educational experience with the tools they need to be successful, no matter their industry.

Academy of Art University

Fashion is no exception, but the graduates from Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion are certainly exceptional. This is marked by their contribution to the field, their unique perspectives as demonstrated in their portfolios, and the recognition they are receiving by industry-leading publications and awards.

Vogue Business Highlights Academy of Art University for Art Education

One of the more recent accolades bestowed on the School of Fashion, and to full credit of the alumni from the program, is the recognition of Academy of Art University by Vogue Business. The publication’s recent deep dive into the importance of art curricula for career success featured the University as one of the forerunners in the field. This is, in part, due to the innovative approach Academy of Art University takes to its own curriculum design, which remains relevant and dynamic for students from all walks of life.

Featured in the Vogue article was Executive Director of the School of Fashion Simon Ungless, whose comments reflect the culture of the School as a whole: “Education should be fluid, not one-size fits all.” To this end, Academy of Art University combines a solid curriculum in core foundational concepts with workshops and projects designed to allow students the freedom of exploration and expression. Practitioner faculty, who are active in the fashion industry, help guide students on their journeys with one-on-one advising and access to a strong network of colleagues who can help with the transition to professional endeavors.

The School of Fashion also prides itself on offering innovative options for students to thrive including school-based fashion shows and participation in New York Fashion Week. Students need not have a portfolio of work on enrollment to Academy of Art University, but every individual graduates with a complete portfolio of design concepts and completed projects that can help them gain meaningful employment or start businesses of their own.

Academy of Art Fashion Alumni Continue to Make Headlines

The School of Fashion’s alumni represent students and creatives from diverse backgrounds with even more eclectic and inspirational career moves. One such example is Stephanie Thomas, who completed her Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Journalism and went on to start her own stylist and consulting business. Notably, her business, Cur8able, designs for those with disabilities who may struggle to find fashions that reflect their aesthetic while remaining functional for their personal needs. Thomas has been featured in a number of forums including a TedxYYC talk where she advocated for designing for those with disabilities. She credits her success, in part, to her educational experience: “I finally got the tools, and actually the idea of taking my work and describing myself as a stylist – that’s all Academy of Art University,” said Thomas.

Thomas is just one of a plethora of alumni who have gone on from the School of Fashion to make waves in the fashion industry. Ben Ellis, who received a BFA in Menswear Design and was a recipient of the 2016 California Fashion Foundation Scholarship Award, went on to found his own line of socially and environmentally conscious menswear. He is also now an instructor at Academy of Art University, giving back his experience and inspiration to the next generation of students.

Academy of Art University has a storied history of providing industry-based curriculum learning to artists, designers and creatives. Students can choose from more than 120 accredited degree options, all taught by instructors who are experienced professionals in a course of study. Academy coursework is a hands-on experience that combines a solid foundation of core skills with the freedom for students to express themselves creatively.

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