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Alice Hatcher Shares Journey to Becoming an Unrivaled Force in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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In most cases, it is a real misconception that “making it” in business or as an influencer is easy or painless. In reality, the people who meet and rise above these challenges to have an impact on the world are also people who have proven themselves resilient in their own personal lives.

A rising force in the Beauty and Wellness worlds, Alice Hatcher has all this in her inspirational background and much more. And it has added up to help forge an impressive CEO and entrepreneur who offers valuable lessons to learn from.

From the start, Alice didn’t have things easy. Born in Taiwan, Taiwan, she immigrated to the US at the age of 1. She arrived in the United States with nothing, without the ability to speak English, and attended a school where ESL classes would not be offered for years to come.

Alice was blessed to have two hard working parents who set an example that would help mold her own impressive work ethic. Mom was a night shift nurse, while dad went to school for engineering, all while they operated the family Chinese restaurant, living above it in a one-bedroom apartment.

Every day was a struggle, financially for the family as well as socially for Alice, being confronted by racism and bullying, being the only ethnic Chinese person in her school.

Little did she know that the resilience and determination being forged would be literally priceless.

Flashback to more recent years, and it is easy to see her influence in the health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle world grow. Opening her first spa in the middle of a recession back in 2006 forced Alice to take a hard-working hands-on approach that helped her learn these industries inside and out. It also cultivated friendships with customers and clients that exist to this day.

From her eventual spa success, Alice expanded to ecommerce, building a brad in Beauty Addict that saw her dedication pay off. According to Alice, in under a year Beauty Addict was driving more revenue than her spa, despite its head start. Passionate for both businesses, this has allowed her to not put all her eggs in one basket, a mistake that has left many entrepreneurs with regrets when an unexpected change hits.

Now she owns three businesses that serve clients locally, nationally, and even worldwide. She’s also serving as an inspiration as fierce as it is smart and beautiful.

Alice remarked, showcasing her take no prisoners attitude that is as endearing as it is infectious. When asked what advice she would give to other young women, following in her footsteps to CEO status and beyond, “Trust me, don’t give a f*ck what anyone says, because at the end it’s all about you and your happiness and what you can turn your future into. Don’t ever give up. People say terrible things because they are unhappy with themselves. In the end, all the hard work will pay off, and these haters won’t half the life you manifest.”

It’s impossible not to be inspired by this powerhouse Beauty Addict CEO Alice Hatcher. Expect more excitement from her soon.

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