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Mindful Mentor: Tutor Route Founder Stephanie Tran Calls Mentorship the Heart of Her Business

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CEO Stephanie Tran, Founder and self-made Edupreneur of Tutor Route, started her business to help education professionals like herself make the salary they deserve by creating their own tutoring businesses in only 30 days.

Helping educators become entrepreneurs is Tran’s goal, and one of the ways she achieves that is through mentoring her students, a key component in her 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass.

The online course launched in November 2021 and has already helped dozens of educators start their own successful businesses based on a private tutoring business model.

Why is Mentorship Important?

Mentoring can take many forms, from informal LinkedIn chats with more experienced professionals in your field to years-long friendships that follow peers throughout their careers.

Mentoring is a vital part of Tran’s business since she knows it can be uncomfortable, new, and even scary for teachers to leap from working in schools to turning their side hustles into full-time jobs.

Having a mentor like Tran helps to ease their minds and transitions. When her students can see her evident success and watch her in action, as well as ask her any questions they have and lean on her for support and guidance, they begin to believe, ‘Hey, if Stephanie did this, I can do it too!’

“I want to empower education professionals to push towards their personal and professional goals — to believe in themselves as they redefine themselves as entrepreneurs by beginning with a successful side hustle,” Tran explained.

Figure Skater to Fortune-Maker

Tran didn’t grow up dreaming of being an edupreneur. She trained as a figure skater and was an accomplished champion, who won medals across the country and competed internationally as well. The Asian-American athlete was unfortunately sidelined from the sport early when she suffered injuries that ended her professional skating career.

She really struggled for a few years after that, unsure of what her purpose would be and what her identity was without non-stop skating practices and competitions. “I had so much going through my mind at the time. I thought, ‘If I can’t be an Olympic figure skater now, what will I do? What if my next career choice is a bust?'”

She found her way to education after transitioning to being a figure skating coach and realizing how much joy teaching brought her — as well as the joys of mentoring younger skaters.

While coaching skaters — and later tutoring college students in academic subjects — she saw how much adding a personal mentorship aspect to her lessons and services made her students thrive both on and off the ice.

“Having a mentor to guide you through life’s roller coasters is invaluable.” Tran said. “My oylmpic coach, Megan Faulkner, taught me life lessons that easily transferred from the ice rink to entrepreneurship. Triple jumps happen in a split of a second like adapting to your market and making sound game-time decisions. Despite my doubts, Megan helped me master ignoring the noise and zoning in on visualizing my plan one operation at a time. She would say, ‘Your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions.’ My coach even had ‘I can’t’ on a list of banned phrases. Above all, Megan encouraged me to embrace my unique identities by heavily clutching onto my cultural roots like speaking Cantonese. I carry Megan’s golden nuggets of wisdom with me and now I get to help educators in entrepreneurship thrive with our curated lessons” Tran said.

Today, with its mentoring component, Tran’s 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass helps remove educators’ doubt about entering the professional tutoring business. A strong mentor makes them feel they always have someone to reach out to if they have problems, doubts, or questions.

The Mentor’s Masterclass

Are you considering signing up for the 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass? Tran assures teachers, educators, school administrators, and tutors that they can change their lives and reshape their financial futures with the lessons and mentorship offered in her best-selling new course.

Tran offers this message to every educator considering taking this leap into owning their own tutoring business, “Create positive impacts through education and cash in on changing the world!”

Inspiring words, for sure. Among the lessons shared in the course are training modules and deliverables that cover topics such as understanding and creating a minimum viable brand (MVB), attracting and tailoring services to a target market, confidently consulting and closing deals, managing business administration tasks, and producing on-brand content that your students and parents will love.

“Anyone who has marketable skills to share can take this masterclass. If they implement my method, they will build and scale a credible brand. Whether you’re taking the first step or taking your business to new heights, I will collaborate and guide you through it. That is a promise,” Tran said.

Tran found success in tutoring and is now a champion for educators and entrepreneurs everywhere. Tutor Route is how she chooses to give back to the community that has provided her with inspiration, happiness, and a true purpose in life.

About Stephanie Tran

Stephanie Tran, Edupreneur, Founder, and CEO, mentors educators to become successful Tutorpreneurs with her masterclass by creating, launching, and growing their tutoring businesses. Tutor Route is a team of certified teachers, counselors, consultants, and masterclass instructors serving students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Tutor Route’s goal is to support lifelong learners every step of their journey. For more information about Tran’s 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass, please visit or download the Tutor

Route App on Apple or Android

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