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Alouette’s new CEO wants to make the switch to robotics

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Martin Haglin
Martin Haglin
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The Alouette aluminum smelter in Sept-Îles wants to begin a shift towards new technologies and robotization. This is what the new President and Chief Executive Officer, Patrice L’Huillier, wants to put forward as part of a 2018-2030 strategic plan.

L’Huillier, who took the management of the company on April 30, however, insists that he will continue the work begun by his predecessor Claude Boulanger, a work “very strongly oriented on health and safety on the one hand, and [on the other hand, on the strengthening of] ties with the community of Sept-Îles and Port-Cartier.”

With the 25th anniversary of Alouette celebrated last year, L’Huillier knows the importance of making a smooth transition between the workers who built the business and the young people who take over.

According to him, automation and new technologies are at the heart of the projects to realize to take advantage of the interests and talents of the new generation in the company.

He even wants Alouette to become a leader in this area.

Alouette phase 3

Patrice L’Huillier also wants to make every effort to convince investors to launch, as soon as possible, the Alouette phase 3 expansion project for the aluminum smelter.

“If you ask me personally, I’ll tell you as soon as possible, but it’s not short-term, it’s not a decision that is made,” says Patrice L’Huillier.

“We are not yet competitive enough between the investment cost of an aluminum smelter like Alouette to increase its size, compared to our competitors,” continues Patrice L’Huillier. The world of aluminum is a world that is very competitive.”

New carbon-free manufacturing process

Patrice L’Huilier also welcomes Rio Tinto and Alcoa’s implementation of the new process for manufacturing carbon-free aluminum, but he believes that this project could be implemented by Alouette, but only in more than a decade.

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