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An Important Lesson From Music Producer & Artist Saqib Aslam

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If Saqib Aslam’s journey is any indication, it’s that there’s no ‘right’ time to pursue something. It’s an inspiring tale from any perspective, especially in the competitive realm of the music industry. Saqib whose artist name is ApisTheBull was in his early 20’s when he discovered his passion and began to pursue it, eventually founding his own label known as Apis Records.

Strange Beginnings

Saqib Aslam - ApisTheBullSaqib Aslam wasn’t always on the musical trajectory. He graduated from the university of San Francisco with a degree in Public Administration – the sort of accreditation that often leads to a lucrative and safe career path.

Alas, this was not the path that was meant for Saqib Aslam, he decided to forego the safe and chase his passion. He started his record label and began releasing music. His two major releases have gone onto critical acclaim, as well as his intertwined work with Travis Scott on his single “Butterfly Effect” which has reached multi-platinum status since its release.

As the young entrepreneur ventured further into the realm of success, he developed his own view of the music industry and how it functioned. He realised that there was a unique opportunity to use his newfound footing in the industry to coach the young up-and-comers. By giving unique insights into the beast of an industry, Saqib Aslam is able to even the playing field for so many talented stars that need that extra push.

The Most Important Lesson

While there is always a small element of risk and luck involved with garnering success in any industry. It seems that ApisTheBull has one clear and concise message when it comes to defining success and attaining a foothold. Suffice it to say, it sounds cliché, but it is the truth, hard work.

Saqib Aslam - ApisTheBull

Saqib Aslam maintains that the best method of victory in making headway in the industry is putting your head down and honing your craft, working instead on creating the best possible experience for your listeners, and letting the fame come as it may.

It’s a sobering but welcomed lesson in the modern world.

The Horizon

Saqib Aslam is still mentoring young musicians and artists and can be reached anytime here.

As for the future, well, given his trajectory so far, who knows. But it will be exciting to find out.


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