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Appearances For Appearances Sake? NFTs & Titans’ Wealth Of Possibility

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Yes, the age-old question: “Are NFTs useful for anything at all?”. While many naysayers are scoffing at the notion that they are paying so much for what appears to be a jpeg, the truth below the surface is anything but futile. Truth of the matter is, like with any new technology, NFTs and the concept of decentralized currencies are beginning to find their footing in the zeitgeist – and people are starting to notice.


NFT pundits like @Timmoore have already begun pointing out the admitted inconsistencies with the space, discussing the lack of preparation being at the forefront of a number of NFT projects where ‘Hype’ is the loose sand of which a lot of projects are based on.

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Not Just A Jpeg

Perhaps you’ve seen the #notajpeg movement sweeping across social media recently in the discussions on the NFT movement. The discussion typically involves those in one of two camps. The first containing the ones who believe that NFTs are a fad with Ape hashtags and emoticons aplenty. And the ones who see the rest of the iceberg, the notion that these tokens represent a new kind of value, of ownership, of usefulness.

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Being on the blockchain, NFTs have a unique throughline from their foundations. Traceability, individuality, indivisibility, and scale programmability – essentially these tokens cannot be divided from their value, transactions can be traced to avoid fraud, and they can be coded to elicit value beyond their presence.

The All Sizzle & No Steak Crowd

As Tim Moore has pointed out, the relative lack of faith that many people have in the NFT market stems from a slew of loud and pandering crowd looking to make a quick and easy buck from the trend – espousing their ‘projects’ across social media channels with the horrendous ‘TBD’ thrown against any potential question or statement of fact that is required to hold weight.

These projects are more or less a mirage, an illusion, all in the name of building hype for a release that will have no intrinsic value.

Discord and NFT

As Tim Moore pointed out, “Most of what they were ‘selling’ was hype; if they had a website, it was full of regurgitated buzz words everyone has already used…” It is through these projects that people were beginning to disregard the stronger projects on the horizon.


The lesson was quite clear for creators and investors alike, find/build a project that will offer value for both sides of the sale – and have something of substance in order to gain organic attention.


Value, Utility, & The Tale Of Titans

This is where Titans comes in. An NFT project that has all the trimmings of a classic token, with the caveat of being completely community driven with longevity for their investors. Currently focusing on 400 Titan holders, the Titans themselves can be staked to generator more Titan Tokens which can be used as currency in upgrading the digital assets of a Titan. The tokens will also be usable in the next phase of the project, dubbed ‘Titan Vault’, which will contain new merchandise.

Furthermore, a Titan-based Metaverse will also become available – bringing the notion of gaming to a whole new playing field and elevate the NFT beyond what was once possible.

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Follow the Titan Discord here.

Learn more about the NFT market from @TimMooreLive

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