Thursday, November 30, 2023

Are NFTs Just A Hype? Or A Future Investment

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George Soto
George Soto
George Soto is a national journalist with nearly 15 years. While studying journalism at Chicago, George found a passion for finding currency stories. George mostly covers cryptocurrency, NFT, blockchain and other business related issues.

The world is awash with the news of NFT mega money that captures the imaginations of every investor and crypto fiend on the planet. People have always been looking for ways to make some decent money, and to do it without much effort (cough Reddit cough). The once humble NFT has taken over the conversation from day trading, stock trading, and gambling in general as the go-to for the brave and the bold amongst us.

But is it all a fad?

Not quite.

It seems the NFT market has grown up in its young and thriving history, graduating from funny cartoon apes to an entire sub-genre of ownership – and one that has made a select few an obscene amount of money.

As the conversation about the metaverse gets more and more heated, there should be some credence given to the noble and savage warriors of the NFT investment game and their limitless potential in the rise of the Metaverse.

Extreme Ownership

Future NFTs

The concept of ownership in the digital space has been largely called into question over the last few years, particularly when you bring up the notion of NFTs being able to be copied and pasted with a click of a button. The Non-Fungible Token is not a fool however, being a concept built on the blockchain, it comes with all the caveats of traceability and security that blockchain provides.

This means that original works that are sold will have a mark of authenticity about them, which will certainly come in handy as the Metaverse takes off in more meaningful ways and true digital assets take the reins.

Make Money From Home

We’ve seen some egregious pricing associated with the sales or minting of an NFT, it really is something to behold to see something that was made for free generate millions of dollars on debut. While these are few and far, it doesn’t discount the notion that these tokens are going to be something truly special in the years to come.

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