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Bizarre Facts About Logo Printed Balloons

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Throwing a party means you need party supplies, but other than snacks, what is a classic party essential? It can be none other than the logo printed balloon. Although these have probably been in your house on numerous occasions, you probably know very little about them. So here are some bizarre facts about logo printed balloons.


Fact 1:

As many of us know, the logo printed balloons of today are generally made from latex or rubber, however, this hasn’t always been the case. Although the idea of filling some form of stretchy sac with air has been around for decades, the materials we know and love know are relatively new fabrics. So what did people use instead of latex and rubber before these materials were invented? Think yourself lucky for living in a world where these fabrics are readily available because in the past, the options were far more gruesome. The easiest, scratchiest and most inflatable natural fabric, that was used in the past, was in fact the intestines of live stock. Basically, people would fill up animal insides with air, making an early version of the inflatables we are all familiar with today. Although blowing up logo printed balloons can be a pain, be grateful that you are only using latex or rubber, and not the insides of animals!


Fact 2:

Today, logo printed balloons are a party essential and it’s not uncommon for groups of people to release them into the sky. However, once upon a time, releasing an inflatable was a big deal. The first noted inflatable in the world was actually set free from Paris in 1783. Who do we have to thank for the party essential that we all know and love? Well, the inventor of this particular creation was Jacques Charles who was both a scientist and inventor. The inflatable he released in 1783 was filled with hydrogen and is certainly a precursor to the logo printed balloons of today. Despite this invention, it wasn’t until 1824 that the modern style inflatables were invented. Interestingly, these were created by English scientist Michael Faraday who was using them in gas related experiments. It’s undeniable that we know these air filled sacs as party supplies, but they actually began as a byproduct of science experiments.


Fact 3:

During many celebrations such as weddings and birthday parties, guests often release logo printed balloons into the sky to then enjoy watching them float away. But do you have any idea how high these air filled bags are able to go? If you guessed, you probably wouldn’t be anywhere close to the truth. In fact, latex inflatables are capable of reaching a height of more then 5 kilometers from the earth! This is quite impressive when you think about it! So what makes these party supplies stop? Well, basically, the air temperature gets too cold for the fabric of the inflatable (which is usually latex) which means the sac freezes and shatters into tiny fragments. There has been much dispute, especially by many global governments about the environmental impact of releasing inflatables. However, the idea that they are bad for the environment is actually a fallacy as latex is bio-degradable so it is no threat to the earth. Furthermore, if any animal were to consume any latex residue, it would not harm their health. So there is no need to feel guilty about releasing inflatables, as it is completely harmless to the environment.


Fact 4:

So we know it is safe for the environment to release inflatables, but what you may not know is that there is actually a record for the largest amount of logo printed balloons to be released at once. This record was set by English Disney Park at the presentation of the film Aladdin in August 1994. So how many inflatables was enough to set such a record? The answer to this is a whopping 1592744 helium inflatables! Colin Renwick supervised the enormous event, which was attended and viewed by over two thousand people. This event was widely viewed and known as a spectacular sight. It is hard to imagine what so many inflatables would look like drifting off into the sky, but it was sure to be nothing short of breathtaking.


Fact 5:

Many of these facts have been about the small logo printed balloons that are used at parties, but there are many other types, including hot air balloons. Everyone has seen one of these incredible inventions floating in the sky, but what may come as a surprise is how long they have been around for. These have actually been in existence since 1783 and are still made from the same materials being rattan and ply wood. Interestingly, the first creatures to take flight in this mode of transport were not humans, but a sheep and a rooster. In the early twentieth centaury airships were actually used for protection, and not a unique and relaxing experience. The original use revolved around defense purposes and they were used as an observation point. However, as technology and transport evolved they became outdated and started being used for pleasure activities.

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