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Brian Hess Paves The Way Using Technology In Construction

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Most business leaders would agree that communication is key when keeping clients happy, and crucial to building a good reputation. But it remains a challenge, seeing as old ways of keeping in contact don’t cut it anymore. Communication is still paramount, but it’s changing in the modern age. Clients want constant updates today, and companies are rightfully having to adjust.

A skilled entrepreneur who is making that happen is CEO and President of The Pavement Group, Brian Hess. It’s safe to say that Hess has built his entire legacy on staying connected and forming strong relationships. But his strategy of keeping contacts close goes beyond shaking hands. By using technology to his advantage, his company is keeping clients in-the-know 24-7.

The Pavement Group is a nationwide asphalt and concrete construction company that works with some of the biggest brands in the country. But its size is not used as an excuse for leaving clients hanging or letting updates fall through the cracks. In fact, Brian has implemented a unique online system to provide updates for clients throughout the entire company.

“No one else has the ability to drive transparency in the entire construction process the way that we do because of our unique technology,” Hess said.

Transparency is Setting Them Apart from the Competition

Transparency is something that is setting them apart from the competition. Although The Pavement Group continues to grow, with plans to be in 15 cities in the next 10 years, the personal attention given to each individual gives it a small-business feel. Clients are given a specific project team and everyone’s full contact information. But the best part is that they can track every detail of the project, step by step, in the online project management portal. Hess has created an efficient way for them to receive updates from start to finish. Every detail is communicated throughout the process using the portal.

They can check on anything online, including permit information, schedules, or how the company is phasing a project to be completed. This tool gives clients the opportunity to stay tuned-in around the clock and quickly answer any questions they may have. The advanced technology allows Brian’s company to give updates as quickly as possible, while giving clients full access to any information they may need.

“Our technology-based approach to helping our clients manage their pavement assets is solving one of the biggest challenges that exists in our industry. We have technology that allows our clients to have joint control of the process throughout the entire customer journey,” Hess said.

Setting New Client Standards

In a field that has been relatively slow to adapt to new technology in the digital age, Brian is setting a new standard in client services. Instead of making customers conform to outdated methods, Brian is giving them what they want- information at their fingertips round-the-clock. This personal attention keeps a client coming back.

Brian says the company will continue to experience exponential growth and innovate in the industry over the next 2-3 years

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