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How Andrew Giorgi Turned His Failures into the Building Blocks for Success

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Andrew Giorgi grew up in a low-income household with a single mother. Throughout his life, he hit many roadblocks on his journey to success. Despite this fact, he learned from all the challenges and failures he went through and now generates up to 9 figures as the COO and CMO for many different companies.

Like others, Andrew Giorgi found himself in debt—35k to be exact. But, he was determined to make it big; so, he started his own business. Unfortunately, after giving his business partner 30k to cover the cost of goods, his partner ran off with the money.

Strike one. Most would give up after such an unfortunate circumstance, but Andrew didn’t. Instead, he learned.

He explains: “When you first start doing business and partnerships, contracts are a MUST. No matter how good the ‘vibe’ or ‘feeling’ you get from the person, always have things in writing.”

Another challenge he faced was with taxes. He learned pretty quickly that “you MUST have the right people in your corner. An accountant being a major role you must have filled. If not, you WILL pay for it in the future. The IRS will always get their money.” After filling his taxes wrong, Andrew learned this lesson the hard way.

Andrew’s setbacks made him stronger. From the many challenges he faced, he was eventually able to reach success on many levels.

Putting his marketing genius to action, he generated over 7 figures from a YouTube channel that had under 5k subscribers.

From his e-commerce exploits, he generated $600k+ within the first 18 months. Then there are his executive roles to consider which have resulted in bringing companies to the 7-figure mark due to his ability to effectively run the operations side of the business.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he has learned that it is not just a matter of execution, but also a matter of having the right relationships. He advises other entrepreneurs to: “Buy relationships whenever possible.”

He explains: “Knowledge and execution alone will make you 6 figures. Relationships will take you to 7 to 9 figures…Some of my close friends in my life and in my circle are because I paid for something they offered which gave me access to them.”

These relationships result in open doors and untapped knowledge that will lead to further success.

In the future, Andrew sees himself mentoring other young entrepreneurs and impacting thousands of lives by helping them attain passive income and learn how to diversify their portfolios.

He also plans to continually hone his craft as a COO and CMO of various companies and bring them to the 7 to 9-figure mark.

Andrew leaves us with this last piece of advice: “In business, you’re going to learn a lot about yourself and what you’re truly passionate about within business. Not just outside of business but within the business. Hone in on the skillsets you’re truly passionate about and hire/partner with others to do the things you’re not passionate about.”

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