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Charlie Mccoy Brings Message of Hope With his new Book Shunned (Into Success)

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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Charlie Mccoy had to break through a long list of obstacles to become a successful businessman and artist. He now turns his focus on helping those who need it most with his nonprofit and new book.

Entrepreneur, and author Charlie Mccoy understands trauma and PTSD first hand. He also knows the value of connecting with peers who can help. And experience with various therapies that can make life something vibrant and promising. Knowing he is far from the only Black or Brown man who has faced these challenges, on the contrary, the opposite is largely the case. The now successful businessman has been working hard to help others break free of the mental chains that may prevent them from becoming the best version of themselves.

Most recently, this has manifested in his nonprofit organization, The Grooming Alchemist, which provides mentorship and support for at-risk youth and adults in New York. He announced it will hold 8-10 activation events in 2022, along with Mccoy’s book Shunned (Into Success), due to be released on July 15th. The book details his inspirational story in an actionable way for others who want to build off of his success against the odds.

Mccoy’s successes have been considerable by any measure. Pre-pandemic Mccoy founded five luxury brick and mortar barber locations, all built into multi-million dollar ventures. His flagship luxury barbershop is located at 331 East 81st in New York City, and constantly wins rave reviews.

His new business Artisan Luxury Brands is a creative agency that will publish Shunned, with other projects planned for the near future.

“Once I recovered from the trauma I went through in my youth, things started to come together for me,” commented Mccoy. “I went to therapy for years to unpack my history. I had to recalibrate my central nervous system through yoga and meditation. To travel, to consume inspiring literature and art by people who looked like me. To find like-minded role models that could lift me up and encourage me to be my best self. When you come from trauma, you have to make wellness a lifestyle. While my experience is specific, unfortunately, it’s not unique. This is what motivates me to help with The Grooming Alchemist and Shunned.”

The Grooming Alchemist currently runs activation events in District 9 high schools in the South Bronx. At these events, Mccoy and his team meet with students, cutting their hair using their luxury barber skills, and talk and listen to them about their hopes for the future. Programs like this are badly needed, with the district having the highest percentage of students dropping out of school, and few programs addressing their needs in a relatable way. Grooming Alchemist activation events also showcase the stories of local successful entrepreneurs and artists in New York, in an effort to show that these young men from the community succeed in huge ways once they put their mind to something. That their future can be much more than poverty, prejudice, and trouble with the law enforcement system.

Expect 2022 and beyond to be big for Charlie Mccoy, as he continues to change lives for the better.

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