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Digital Professional Anas Abouqamer On The Merits Of Adaptation

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For digital professionals like Anas Abouqamer, to say that 2020 was a challenging year is a grand underestimation. There seems to have been no end of strange and turbulent moments that have impacted people around the globe in a variety of different ways.

Anas Abouqamer is a prime example of someone who turned into the skid so to speak, being a digital marketing agent in Qatar, his journey reflects many others who were impacted in unique ways from the pandemic. From quitting his job to forming the robust and rampantly popular TripleFQatar, Mr. Abouqamer has taken the challenges of the pandemic and used it as a launching pad for his unique and effective marketing services.

He answered a few questions about TripleFQatar, how he spent 2020 and the challenges and inspirations he draws from to continue adapting in the consistently changing landscape.

Hello Anas, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, let’s start at the beginning, what led you to start TripleFQatar?

So, the journey started because I’m passionate about the online space, I’ve worked in the digital realm for the past 10 years. In my last working experience, I was responsible for managing the social media accounts of the ‘Mall of Qatar’, which is one of the largest in Qatar with 300,000+ followers.

Then, last year happened, there was stress and COVID19 which was a defining moment where I resigned from my job. I wanted my online profile to reflect what I do for a living. For instance, if you’re a fitness trainer, your profile is going to be about you in the gym your workouts. If you’re a chef, you’re going to have the dishes you cook.

I am an online guy, I needed to represent myself. The first thing that a company is going to do before hiring me for a social media position is look at my profile. So, I decided to create TripleFQatar.

How did you get your start in the media sector? Was there a part of the creative process that stood out to you?

Talabat (The biggest food delivery app in the middle east) got in touch, initially my account was set up to get my next job. However, when Talabat got in touch I realized that it has potential in advertising.

I believe I stood out because I always worked on delivering quality rather than quantity, I always try to come up with memorable content.

The last 12 months have certainly been testing grounds for all of us, what were some of the creative challenges of the last year?

You don’t realise how hard is content creating until you try to do it yourself, the filming, the editing, the color grading, etc. So, one challenge is continuously working on your skills to improve them to continue producing quality work

Throughout your experience in the media industry, what has been your proudest moment?

I think I am simply proud that in one year I managed to work with Talabat, Starbucks, MG Motors, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines and more! I am proud that I managed to put myself in the list of top influencers in Qatar within one year.

What’s the most common issue you run into when a brand requests assistance with their media presence?

The main challenge is finding a balance between what I want to produce and their brand guidelines. If you hire me for a task, don’t try to change or influence my idea. For me that’s the main challenge, managing expectations and gaining trust to execute my idea.

How has the pandemic impacted the relationship we have with the internet? Have you noticed a swing towards digital approaches?

5 things I’ve learnt from Coronavirus 🦠

Back in June this year, I tested positive for COVID19. Here are the 5 key things I learnt:

1) It can happen to anyone. Until I became the first one I knew that had it, I didn’t know anyone that contracted COVID19. So, stay safe and follow instructions from health care experts!

2) Take time to pause & reflect. Be grateful for what you have and do not take anything for granted. You want to start your own business or take that trip to Bali? Do it now!

3) We are connected. What was once a strange event in in China, is now impacting all of us, regardless of where we are. Don’t underestimate how your actions can impact the lives of people.

4) Work for a company that puts people at heart. COVID19 has certainly tested business continuity and IT capabilities of companies like never before, yet in the chaos, working from home, emails and zoom calls continued to make sure that work is done as one team – Choose an employer that understands this.

5) Plan, but be ready to adapt: Going back to Jan 2020, every company or individual would have had a plan for each year, or next 5 years – but BOOM! Not the one with the plan wins, but the one with the abilities to adapt, manoeuvre, and change when required wins.

This is beautiful reminder that we can learn from hardship.

What’s next on the cards for the TripleFQatar Team?

I think the future is great and we will continue to grow! The next cards will definitely be traveling and creating content abroad and beyond Qatar

Thank you Anas for your time!
You can follow up with Anas Abouqamer at or connect via IG@triplefqatar

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