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Everything you need to know about International Medical Aid

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Velma Romero
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Healthcare has become an incredibly topical issue over the past year, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. National health systems have been tested and strained, especially those in the Northern Hemisphere, where case numbers have risen exponentially since the state of the pandemic. Lockdowns have been implemented while hospitals have been stretched to the maximum. Millions of lives have been lost: a number that will continue to grow.

If the trauma of the past year has motivated you to pursue a career in the medical field, then you’ll naturally want the best quality experience you can receive. International Medical Aid’s team can provide you with excellent, first-hand experiences on healthcare delivery in the developing world. Indeed, these experiences will irrevocably change your life and outlook of the medical field, either galvanising your passion for medicine or revealing your need to move on.

The benefits

There are some significant advantages of working with our team at International Medical Aid. Not only do we provide high-quality internships to a diverse range of students, but you’ll learn so much from this experience. Please read on to find out more!

Genuine exposure

With our internships, you’ll receive high-quality, hands-on exposure to genuine medical practices and emergencies. In these scenarios, you’ll shadow professional doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, analysing what they do and how they react to different situations. You’ll be able to recognise common challenges and solutions to such issues.

Learn how to cope

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to cope with the job’s stresses (or at the very least, get some idea of what it is like). You’ll be able to pick up vital tips from physicians on how they deal with their stress and how they handle the responsibility of what they do.

You’ll know what you want afterwards

After completing our internship program, you’ll know one thing definitely: whether you want to pursue a medical career or not. If you realise that being a doctor or trained medical practitioner isn’t right for you, then that’s okay.

Enhance your cultural awareness

Our placement programs are also a great experience in terms of growing your cultural awareness. You’ll learn about different cultural norms and values, encouraging your experiences of the world and others.

Terrific resume builder

In addition, an internship with International Medical Aid will look fantastic on your resume. Prospective employers and schools look very favourably on healthcare work completed overseas, especially if it involves embracing different healthcare delivery forms. In interviews with employers and deans, you’ll be able to draw on these experiences and highly how you as a candidate rise above the rest.

Difficult patients and bad news

As a medical doctor, you’ll need to know how to work with difficult patients, common to the profession. Likewise, being the bearer of bad news is something all doctors have to grapple with as well. There is no set rule for delivering such news; however, first-hand experiences with real doctors and seeing them provide such information will help you in the long run.

The different fields

International Medical Aid offers a diverse range of internships, which cover several areas of health. These areas are as follows:

Physician Assistant

Because of the rising costs of earning a medical degree, physician assistants are growing in popularity. Under the guidance of a qualified medical professional, physician assistants can gradually work their way into private practice. Our internships are personalised to each candidate, so we will target whatever skills you want to expand and improve through your placement.


Dental care is not well covered (insurance) in many places of the world, including some advanced countries. However, in developing countries, the quality of service provided is often far lower because of sanitation issues and poor hygiene. As a dentistry intern, you’ll be exposed to these real-life challenges, exploring a range of genuine dental concerns that arise daily.


International Medical Aid also offers internship programs in psychology-related fields, such as mental health. In developing countries, mental health is scarcely addressed (let alone funded appropriately), which is why our organisation places a strong emphasis on providing mental health services. Most of our psychological interns work in large public hospitals, where they shadow the psychologists on duty.

Pre-Med Students

For students wanting to become medical doctors, our pre-med placements will provide you with the best possible experience. Fortunately, we have contacts across both the public and private sector, meaning you’ll get hands-on experience in your preferred specialty in both public and private medical settings.


If you want to become a trained nurse, you are spoilt for choice regarding our internship offerings. Indeed, we have placements across South America, the Caribbean and East Africa. We also offer our pre-nurses a lot of freedom in the sense that you can choose your specialty and then shadow someone in that field. These specialities include, but are not limited to:

  • Dental nursing
  • Physical therapy nursing
  • ER nursing

So, if you think that an internship with International Medical Aid would help your career, then apply. If you want to make a difference in this COVID-stricken world, what better way to do it then help those desperately in need.


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