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How Christian Eckmair Built His CBD Company to Be One of Europe’s Most Successful

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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The CBD industry is a relatively new industry yet is one that is experiencing a great surge in popularity. With the legalisation of hemp products becoming an increasingly common occurrence across the world, the demand for products that are not only legal but effective and safe to use is growing. CBDNOL is one of the companies that is shaping the industry with its products and the methods of productions that they use. Because of these unique methods and the guarantee of high-quality products, CBDNOL is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands in Europe.

CBDNOL was founded by Christian Eckmair as a response to the quickly developing industry. They sell a range of CBD products including CBD oils, CBD flowers and CBD cosmetic products. These products are extremely popular due to their purity and their effectiveness. Currently, the company distributes their products in German-speaking companies.

But what exactly is CBD used for? What kind of conditions is it effective for? CBD is known for its relaxing properties. While cannabis also contains THC, the illegal element of the drug, CBD removes this and allows for pain relief and relaxation. All of CBDNOL’s products contain less than 0.2% THC as required by law. THC is the psychoactive property and is associated with the “high”. CBD does not produce this high and instead can calm a number of ailments. It is commonly used to treat those suffering from pain, nausea and anxiety. It can also, however, be beneficial for people suffering from seizures, depression, inflammation, migraines and more. Because of this range of benefits, CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a treatment and companies like CBDNOL are continuing to improve the lives of their clients.

One of the biggest appeals of CBDNOL as a company is their commitment to sustainability. As society becomes more progressive, more people are realising that the impact of production companies are contributing to the destruction of the earth. Christian and his team are aware of this and do everything in their power to minimise the environmental impact of their company. The farming process is sustainable and the plants are grown in healthy locations in Austria and Switzerland. The company also uses ecological filling material that is made from corn starch and water and 100% biodegradable when disposed on. The glass containers used to package the products are also high quality and free from microplastics. The team’s locations also run on eco electricity. This environmental consciousness has contributed to CBDNOL’s success and made them a unique and in-demand company to buy CBD products.

With the growth in popularity of CBD products, companies such as CBDNOL are paving the way and setting industry standards. Christian Eckmair and his team continue to innovate and provide new and exciting ways of operating. Their commitment to evolving their business is helping to develop the CBD industry and is one of the reasons that they are becoming one of the most popular distributors in Europe.

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