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Farren Morgan Coaching the industry leading Tactical Trainer  

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“My Ethos is to strengthen, educate, inspire and establish Tactical Athletes all over the world” – Farren Morgan 

We asked Farren Morgan about his Tactical Athlete Books that he has written in the last 12 months! 

Morgan Said “If your ambition is to lose the excess weight, focus on your muscle growth or acquire the physique you’ve always wanted, each of my four military tactical training programmes have been specifically engineered to bring you significantly closer to your goals”. 

Farren Morgan
Farren Morgan

Looking to become a lean machine? 

The 10 Week Tactical Athlete Conditioning E-book has got you covered with a variety of 20 Scalable Conditioning Workouts,, 20 Varied Runs, and a guide into RPE, TAB LISS, AMRAP & EMOM exercises with the aim of beating your initial 5K run time through the development of your strength, speed and endurance throughout the weeks. 

Aiming to burn calories? The 8 Week Tactical Bootcamp will put you to the test as you undergo the programme and evaluate your current fitness levels before entering the powerful weekly workout plans built to increase your core strength, power, endurance, and agility. 

As your capabilities improve, and you work towards becoming a Tactical Athlete you’ll go through the gruelling test once more in the final week to see how far you’ve come. 

If you’re driven to consistently rise above the rest, The 12 Week Tactical Athlete Strength and Conditioning Programme Vol. 1 could prove to be the ultimate challenge. 

This programme is strictly for skilled athletes looking to elevate to the next level of Fitness and be known as Tactical Athletes through intensive strength and conditioning exercises along with Runs, Tabs & Engine days that only become more challenging as the weeks progress. 

Mastering the new, tested concepts in this programme will improve your 1 Rep Max Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press while being able to also Tab Sub 11 Minute Miles for 8 Miles and carry 17kg! 

If you have the skills and physique of a Tactical Athlete then it’s time to break through those last remaining hurdles with the 8 Week Tactical Training Programme, this advanced workout plan is for those looking to have an edge above the rest in Tactical Fitness by taking their athleticism to optimal levels. 

Farren Morgan Coaching

Through this rigorous programme you’ll master a wide variety of workouts such as LISS, HIIT, TABBING, FARTLEK, and CIVUIT TRAINING. 

The programme will completely cover all aspects of Tactical Fitness to pinpoint areas in need of development, and through this challenging course you’ll be required to push harder than ever before to become a fully all-rounded tactical athlete. 

Each of these programmes have been carefully engineered, and tested first-hand by their creator, Farren Morgan, the industry leading Tactical Trainer,, Lance Sergeant and Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for the Coldstream Guards in Westminster, London. 

With over six years serving in the military, Farren has transformed civilians into physically gifted soldiers making him the ideal coach for those looking to acquire significant, long-lasting results. Through the development of these military style tactical fitness programmes, hundreds of ordinary civilians have been developed under Farren’s guidance into becoming tactical athletes. 

They challenged themselves physically to perform time and time again, broke past their mental boundaries and adopted progressive mindsets that inspired them to continue pushing forward through the challenges which ultimately allowed them to live healthier and happier lifestyles. 

If you’ve been waiting for that significant change to happen, take control of your life by joining one of the four programmes and challenge yourself to achieve the greatness you were meant 

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