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From Printers To Monaco Real Estate – The Journey Of Michele Tecchia

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Travon Marner
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The story of Moroccan-based real estate mogul Michele Tecchia is anything but ordinary. Before carving out a very successful and lucrative post as one of the premier real estate minds of the principality of Monaco, he was building his reputation as a successful marketer in the photocopier industry where he picked up many vital life lessons that would extend to his success in the real estate game.

His experience in the real estate game has seen him succeed in a number of international markets that include the United States, London, and finally Monaco where he currently resides and dedicates most of his time and expertise. His keen eye for detail and overall passion for all facets of Monaco real estate have led him to become one of the more renowned property minds of the principality.

Photocopiers & Learning To Sell

Learning the sales technique and business acumen was nothing new for Michele Tecchia, who was richly educated in the art of business practices. First gaining a BA in Management & General Business Administration from the University of Sunderland in 1990, before going on to gain his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire a few years later.

Michele Tecchia began his career as a photocopier salesman. The skillsets he ascertained through the marketing and understanding of how to sell were crucial for his development into a real estate mogul. Humble beginnings of simply marketing for various applications eventually led him to become more involved with the printing machine processes and full-scale solutions marketing.

The newfound responsibilities and continuous rising star of Michele Tecchia led him to consistently travel to Asia every few weeks between 2008 and 2009. The constant travel eventually took its toll on him, and while he was a rousing success in the photocopier and printing solutions industry – he decided for the betterment of his family and his own mental health to find a career that was a little more grounded.

This is where the real estate market and Monaco comes into the picture.

The Monaco Real Estate Market

It doesn’t take much to see the appeal of property as a feasible and lucrative career path. While it lacked the technological pizzaz that Michele was used to, he found the notion of a high growth market and relatively reduced risk to be appealing enough to try his hand. It was also an ideal career move as it greatly reduced the travel toll that had led him to leave his success in the printing industry in the first place.

Monaco is a strange and mysterious principality in the context of the world. A square metre in the principality goes for an average of 48,000 euros and is well known for its tax system that favours the wealthier percentages of the world. Thanks to the very generous taxation system, there are more billionaires investing into the property market than essentially anywhere else in the world.

This is where Michele Tecchia shines – as the stakes are higher than ever in the principality, it favours and enriches only the boldest and most strategic real estate minds in the world. The success that he’s found both in Monaco and abroad goes to show that he has taken valuable lessons from his unorthodox road to success and implemented them expertly.

Family Life

When Michele Tecchia isn’t selling property and making investments, he enjoys spending time with his two children. Never wavering from his professionalism, he understand the delicate balance that life is all about and continues to succeed both in his work, and outside of it.

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