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HCT Finance CEO Hayes Thomas Believes Risk Management Is Vital For Success

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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In previous eras, people-oriented industries like hospitality were considered reliable profit-turners. The public generally loves to spend their earnings being catered for in a variety of social environments. That status quo didn’t change, but the worldwide situation did. As COVID-19 ravaged the globe in 2020 and beyond, beloved recreational, ‘non-essential’ sectors became the martyr for better public health. What was once a low-risk business became an altogether unviable business overnight. For entrepreneur and HCT Finance CEO Hayes Thomas (@iamhayesthomas), those risks were there to be overcome.

Indeed, many restaurateurs, hospitality staff, and customer service experts will likely contend that there are risks to be taken in any business. The reliance on acceptable social protocol has now come to light as a risk in its own right, continuing to shape western going out culture. A long-standing leader in concierge, Thomas believes one’s preparedness to take risks is what will ultimately set them apart as a successful business person in the long run. An individual’s experience and know-how in their chosen sector can heavily dictate the effectiveness of their response to adversity. As HCT Finance prepares to launch a groundbreaking application, Thomas has shared his insight into the stable growth of a new venture.

During Thomas’ time as a professional footballer, his adept understanding of lifestyle management came to fruition. The entrepreneur noticed that many of his peers were not receiving the same opportunities for VIP experiences and set out to create a concierge company that advocated accessibility, transparency, and high-quality client service. By alleviating the stress and inconvenience of lifestyle management, Thomas ensured his clients received the best deals on VIP opportunities. Since founding the service, Thomas has worked with hundreds of prominent clients to oversee a near-endless array of offerings, including hotel reservations and car bookings.

Unsurprisingly, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic had the potential to put significant sand in the gears of Hayes Thomas’ well-oiled concierge machine. Like many other business owners, Thomas was able to adapt to the unprecedented conditions, working innovatively to provide his clients with unique opportunities within the restraints of the time. Anything including private chef visitations and virtual reality experiences was on the table to ensure continuity in HCT’s client service. As social conditions begin to return to normal, HCT hopes to become the world’s number one lifestyle management service, spearheaded by the launch of the HCT Finance app. Revolutionary in the sector, it’s a risk Thomas is willing to take, as automation of more of the background concierge operation could allow an even greater focus on human client service.

Subversively, Thomas believes that the key to successful entrepreneurship lies not only in the occasional gamble but ensuring the individual at the helm is best placed to take informed risks. “The cliche answers of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication are true, but it’s also about working hard before becoming an entrepreneur to ensure you have the mindset and foundation for taking risks,” he explains. “In most businesses, there is a great deal of risk that comes with being a service provider, and you have to be willing to take on that risk and responsibility to succeed.”

Both HCT Finance’s history and future are clear endorsements of the risk-reward concept. With a global crisis in the rearview and a game-changing app in the pipeline, who is going to stop Hayes Thomas now?

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