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Helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas: What You Need to Know

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Make the most of some of the world’s greatest landmarks by viewing them from above in a helicopter Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. Witness panoramic views of the majestic natural wonder from the comfort of your seat as you fly across the famous Lake Mead and Mojave Desert.

This is a great opportunity for adrenaline junkies and photographers looking to get a unique shot. It’s also an excellent way to get a feel for the region and its rich history, as you will be guided by expert narration. Here’s everything you need to know before you set off:



There are a few prerequisites for getting on board a Helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. The first is the cost – it will set you back around $200-600 for a 60-180 minute flight. Costs depend on the duration and exclusivity of the tour; some tours will include luxurious features like champagne and food, which will be factored into the price.

People of all ages, including children, are generally allowed on board. However, if you are over the age of 18 you will typically be expected to show photo ID. Passengers who weigh more than 136kg will be required to purchase an extra seat. People who show up to their tour intoxicated may be refused service and may not receive a refund.

Make sure you book at least a few weeks in advance in order to avoid missing out on your Helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas ride! Only around six people are allowed to board each flight, which means tickets can be competitive.


What to expect on the trip

Most tours include complementary transport to and from your hotel – some of which even let you ride in a limousine! More expensive tours will generally take you to a pre-flight lounge where you will be given champagne. You will then be invited to board the Helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. You may be given a headset providing multi-lingual narration throughout your journey, or provided with live narration from a tour guide.

Some of the major landmarks you can expect to see on your Helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas trip include:


Colorado River

The 2,330km long river is famous for its white-water rapids and waters which wind through dramatic valleys. It is a major source of water for around 40 million people and is believed to have been used by the Native Americans for nearly 8,000 years.

Mojave Desert

mojave desert

Far from being a desolate, barren desert, the Mojave is incredibly biodiverse – rich with wildflowers, mountains, forests, sandscapes, valleys and a range of animal species. Incredibly, snow does occasionally fall in the Mojave Desert during winter.

Lake Mead

The glistening blue Lake Mead with its gorgeous sandstone shores appears vast and impressive from up in the air. Lake Mead is the largest man-made lake in the United States, formed by the Hoover Dam. It is home to a vast range of plants and animals which have evolved to survive in dry, hot conditions.

Hoover Dam

Marvel at the majesty of the engineering masterpiece that is Hoover Dam. The huge arch-gravity dam took over 2,484,803 cubic metres of concrete to build and cost more than 100 lives.

Most helicopter to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas tours will allow you to land in the ravine and explore it by foot. You may also be given food and drink to enjoy upon landing. You will then be flown back to the city and taken back to your hotel.


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