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How Christopher Roberts helps his clients find the right balance between happiness and excitement

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Balance is everything in life, and while a lot of people recognise the importance of balance, many people still struggle with finding it. Life coach Christopher Roberts from Dream Big Global is highly-praised for his ability to help his clients achieve the balanced mindset they need to achieve success in their personal and professional pursuits.

According to Christopher, one of the things that he tries to balance in the minds of his clients is the dichotomy between happiness and excitement.

“Everyone has felt excitement, but not everyone has felt truly happy, at least not in their adult life. Kids can be happy because, for lack of better phrasing, they are ignorant about the real world and the challenges life will throw at them” he says.

“When you enter the adult world, you are thrown into an established society where you, as a survival instinct, choose to conform to the expectations of others. While finding employment and building relationships are important things, a lot of people view them in a material sense rather than pursuing what really makes them happy, and this leads them to fill the void of their happiness with temporarily exciting things.”

When Christopher works with a new client, he takes a holistic approach that looks at them as an individual and takes into their account their past experiences.

“We are all products of our environment. The big reason many people are unhappy is that they have the ability to conceptualise their perfect life based on what they see on TV, but don’t have the means to achieve that in the real world. With my clients, I teach them that happiness needs to start from within, and once they achieve that they will know what types of steps they need to take to reach the next stage in their lives” says Christopher.

He adds that “Having goals and aspirations are important in driving not only our individual lives but humanity as a species – after all, the ability to be disappointed and develop better systems is what separates us from the animal kingdom. With that said, you need to be careful that your happiness does not entirely hinge on the next big thing but is something that you can identify and achieve without winning the lottery”.

In summary, it’s essential for people to understand how to find a healthy balance between excitement in life and long-term happiness. As a life coach, Christopher recognises that everyone is different and that there is no universal rulebook that people can follow to achieve happiness, and this is again while he works holistically with his clients to identify what they really want from life.

Christopher concludes, “My goal with all my clients is to give them the ‘aha’ moment when everything finally makes sense to them, and they know what they want to do. When someone has a clearly defined direction they want to go in, all they need to do is stay motivated and not fall back into old habits that gave them temporary excitement rather than true happiness.”


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