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How Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting Helps Corporations Attract Coveted Talent with Data-Driven Recruitment

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Jayce Grayye has lived a life of discipline, focus, and achievements since he was a kid. Jayce will always thank his father for the lessons he imparted to him and his brother, for teaching him how to be ambitious and never lose sight of his goals.

“I was a disciplined kid who strived to turn his weaknesses into strengths,” he revealed, “I even trained myself to run to overcome asthma.”

He has always been a problem solver and a go-getter. For example, Jayce recalls his 2-hour commute to work so he worked around the problem and listened to every audiobook he could get his hands on in the meantime.

That attitude and an already brilliant trajectory as a salesman led him to work for Grant Cardone, one of the best salesmen in the world, at the age of 27.

Jayce felt at home in that community: “That environment was all about pushing yourself to pursue your goals and I enjoyed it a lot. It was an opportunity to do more of what I love, improving myself permanently. In fact, many of the effective practices that they were teaching, I had already been doing for years.”

After a few more years of honing his skills as a salesman, Jayce was comfortably making six figures. At that point, he decided to leave the firm he was working for to “do things on his own terms.”

The Solution to Talent Attraction and Selection

One of Jayce’s last responsibilities was working as a fractional Vice President of Sales. There, he noticed that there was a high percentage of sales freshmen that wouldn’t make it through the 90-day probation period.

“I wondered why so many people would not make it through. Once I figured out what the problem was, it turned out it was a recruiting issue,” Jayce states.

He started Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting to solve this problem by revamping how recruitment works. “It is a fact that an effective recruiting system contributes to almost 90% of a company’s success rate,” Jayce reveals. “74% of companies admit they have made bad hires, and each one costs them, on average, nearly 15 thousand dollars.”

In a little more than a year, Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting (JGCR) has established itself as one of the most trusted recruiting agencies in the market. They are able to do more and faster, with less. “A couple of months ago, we helped a client hire a COO in three weeks—a position that normally needs six months to be filled,” explaines Jayce.

Contrary to most agencies that focus on a single niche or position, JGCR can cover a wide range of roles for several industries in three areas that are vital for the success of any business: sales, marketing, and operations.

The firm recruits Account Executives, Sales Directors, Heads Of Client Success, Operation Managers, Marketing Directors, and many more essential roles. Their secret lies in its combined leverage of service, technology, data, and top-tier recruiters.

Before starting their hiring efforts, Jayce’s team devote themselves to understanding their clients’ businesses in depth. They conduct a call with their clients and perform an in-depth analysis of their culture, needs, and goals.

After that, the team headhunts using artificial intelligence to deploy advertising in key channels, as well as expert headhunters to cover ground, identify, and reach out to ideal candidates through digital and offline means.

This combination allows them to gather a far larger pool of candidates than their competitors.

For Jayce, there is no mystery about attracting top candidates. It is simply about having the most skilled recruiters and giving them the tools to succeed: “We have first-class professionals whom we give what they need to perform, and they go out and build an ever-expanding network.”

In the next step, Jayce Grayye Consulting’s capacity to curate the very best prospects is in a league of its own. The amount of data they gather about them is the defining factor.

Jayce clarifies by saying: “The difference between a candidate that looks good on paper and another that keeps their curriculum promises is data. Every candidate we send to our clients is endorsed by extensive information, which is wide open for our clients to look at.”

Each prospect is validated with curriculums, videos, thorough questionnaires, as well as evaluations of skill sets, traits, capacity for teamwork, culture and other relevant attributes.

“Our clients have access to all this data through our platform, so they can see what we evaluated and why the candidate we selected is the best fit,” explains Jayce.

In addition, JCGR offers probation periods during which they monitor how the prospects perform, and how their culture fit progresses: “It is unlikely, but if the candidate ends up not fitting well, we present candidates until we find the right match at no additional cost,” Jayce Grayye explains.

With such a guarantee, working with Jayce and his team is a no-brainer because they put their money where their mouth is to ensure client satisfaction.

If you are interested in knowing more about Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting and how they can help you find the best collaborators, don’t hesitate to visit their website.

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