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How Kelvin Teo left the monotony of the 9-5 life and achieved success through mindset changes

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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Like so many others in the world, Kelvin Teo went through the stages of life that society told him to, and he ended up working a monotonous job and feeling dissatisfied with life. I am sure that this is something that you can relate to, as the same thing happens to people across the world every year.

Society tells you to go to school then get a job and provide, however if this is something that many of us can achieve, why are we so unhappy with it?

Kelvin Teo thought the same thing, and in 2017 he decided to begin his personal development journey and seek out the answers to his questions.

On his journey, he discovered many methods and techniques that became seeds of change, and upon their application, he was able to find success in his life holistically, and achieve a great work life balance. Since so many of the population feel the same way, it is easy to get drawn into the hundreds of motivational speakers who love to chant ‘feel good’ talks to the masses, while not achieving much of anything at all. Kelvin believes in concrete results, and this is the same mindset he had when he went out to find answers. What he found were actionable mental techniques, in which a person’s mindset can change in order to create meaningful change in their lives. These techniques are more explicitly discussed in his new book, “The Neuroscience of Daily Success”.

The Neuroscience of Daily Success

This publication is to be released soon, and it was authored by Kelvin in order to help others seeking the same answers as he was. He believes that the methods and techniques discussed within his book are not there for motivation or ‘pep talks’, but are there to create small changes that can grow into bigger ones in an individual’s life. It aims to be straightforward, something that someone can read and immediately upon finishing the book, start implementing changes that can affect their life in a positive way.

Through Kelvin’s techniques and approach to life, he was able to quit his monotonous job and make a living through his passions, while also creating enough room to enjoy spending time with his family.

His belief is that success is defined through a balance of finances, time and health, and achieving this is the key to life. Too many people nowadays sacrifice time and health for their finances, and it is sometimes even encouraged in today’s society. Small changes implemented in everyday life can turn into big impact in the future, and Kelvin Teo is a prime example of this fact.

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