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How Real Estate Branch The Wellhöner Group is Changing the Industry with Their Well-Rounded Services

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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The Wellhöner Group is not your typical real estate branch. Offering services that include all aspects of home management and maintenance, they strive to provide customers with the highest quality care. The leadership of CEO Marcus Wellhöner is the driving force behind their business and the reason that they are able to provide such expert assistance.

Marcus Wellhöner was destined for real estate from a young age. When in high school, he decided that it was the industry in which he would most be able to thrive and fulfil his mission of helping people and giving back to his community. He undertook apprenticeships and various training programs in a variety of management roles so that he could gain the experience and qualifications necessary to pursue his dream. This experience, paired with his compassionate personality and the ability to spontaneously create effective solutions, allowed him to become a successful individual within his field.

After working in a variety of roles and creating a reputation for himself, Marcus Wellhöner decided to start his own company. In 2017, The Wellhöner Group, including companies Wellhöner Immobilien, Wellhöner Consulting and Wellhöner Facility Services, was born. Under the umbrella of The Wellhöner Group, Marcus facilitated the implementation of four business areas which are run as independent limited partnerships. This allowed the company to expand and become an all-encompassing real estate and home maintenance company for its clients. The business offers a range of services including real estate consulting, real estate brokerage, real estate management and facility services such as house and garden maintenance and house cleaning. No matter what issues people have with their homes, the business aims to find realistic and comprehensive solutions. This unprecedented approach to real estate is part of what makes Marcus Wellhöner and The Wellhöner Group so special.

The humanitarian way in which the business is conducted is apparent through the satisfaction of their many loyal clients and of the community in which they operate. As technology continues to evolve and the real estate industry experiences a variety of shifts and changes, Marcus remains focused on utilising new technology for good while also maintaining personable client relationships. He feels that some businesses have begun to treat clients as numbers rather than people and is determined to reject this model of service. Marcus and his team are passionate about building the community in which they operate into one that is a safe and happy place for everyone to live. The company donates to and supports a number of charities in order to give back to this community. Some of these charities include animal welfare associations, climate action organisations, poverty and homelessness support, child welfare initiatives and many more important causes.

The continuous support and care shown by Marcus Wellhöner and The Wellhöner Group is part of what has made them such an integral part of their community. After 28 years in the industry, Marcus is highly prepared to deal with every situation that arises both for his clients and in the industry as a whole. His unwavering commitment to ensuring that everyone he works with has good quality of life continues to inspire real estate agents everywhere.


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