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How Stan Davis and the team at Powerful Electrical LLC prioritize their clients to create an electrical company that can be trusted

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Finding a high-quality electrical company that you can trust to deliver you friendly, honest and fault-free service can be difficult. For residents and businesses of Charleston South Carolina, however, Stan Davis and his team at Powerful Electrical LLC are providing just this. Their customer-first attitude and expertise in a wide range of electrical services continues to provide the first-rate, affordable solutions that the Charleston community are in need of.

Head of the company, Stan Davis is a licensed electrician. He graduated from the Charleston Electrical Contractors Association after completing the 4-year apprenticeship program and also holds a Masters and Commercial Contractors License. He runs Powerful Electrical LLC with a dedication to helping clients with any electrical problem and doing it in a way that is professional and reliable. He personally oversees every singly project to ensure that the highest level of satisfaction is reached for the client and that the required industry codes are also met.

Powerful Electrical LLC is a fully insured company with a team of licensed professionals who are the experts in their field. They offer solutions for any electrical problem and will provide a free consultation to their clients to ensure that a careful plan can be developed to achieve this. Their services include electrical panel replacement and installation, electrical service upgrades, recessed lighting installation, GFCI repair, circuit breaker replacement and much more. All of their services are tailored specifically to each client to ensure that they can meet both budget and expectations.

One of the company’s most notable attributes is the commitment to price transparency. While electricians are often known for overcharging or adding unexpected prices to the project total, Stan Davis and his team offer upfront pricing and will either meet your budget or go under your budget without fail. This transparency provides clients with the peace of mind that their electrical issues are taken care of and that they aren’t being exploited. This is a large part of why Powerful Electrical LLC is such a trusted and sought-after company in the Charleston area.

Another unique service that the company offers is the 24-hour live chat. They understand that electrical crisis can strike at any time of the day or night and aim to be available for their clients when this occurs. No matter your issue, you can find qualified answers and solutions delivered to you quickly. This emphasis on community and building customer trust sets the company apart from others and accounts for their success in establishing themselves as the most reliable electrical team in the community.

With a high success rate and a large community of satisfied customers, it’s no surprise that Powerful Electrical LLC have made a name for themselves as one of the best electrical companies in Charleston and in South Carolina. The qualified team and exceptional leadership of Stan Davis continues to impress clients and go above and beyond to meet their expectations and provide solutions for their problems.


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