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King P’s Incredibly Unique Transformation From Saxophonist To Hip Hop Artist

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Ian Feldman
Ian Feldman
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There is no real correct road to be traipsing down to become an established artist in any genre. Like any creative endeavor it takes a strange and unique path that typically isn’t able to be walked twice in the exact same way. Take King P, the saxophonist wunderkind turned hip-hop artist from Miami who has broken all typical conventions in his pursuit of his sound.

Humble Beginnings

King P (aka Phillip Solomon Stewart) is a Jamaican-rooted artist who has had a strange road to his latest single. Starting off as a choir singer in his youth, he developed a love and passion for music early on and soon had a knack for the instrumental side of things. From the moment he picked up an instrument, we would be working at it until he found its voice to tune.

The Saxophone Sensation

He began with a trumpet before jumping directly into alto saxophone where he developed his musical style that would follow him throughout his genre changes. The development of beat appreciation and timing focus was a key aspect in his hip hop sensibilities later down the line. It was in Los Angeles that a request to add a few layers to certain tracks where King P started branching out with his own sense and sensibility.

After hearing his saxophone notes being pumped at a club he was at, he knew he wanted to have his own story carved out, and set to working on lyrical melodies.

King P

The Hip Hop Twist

His evolution into becoming King P came about when working on his sax melodies and discovering a discernible pattern that could be lyrically charged with a bit of tinkering. While recording an intended saxophone instrumental song “Tonight We Party”, his mixing engineer suggested adding some lyrics to add a few layers of depth to the already impressive array. From there, a rap and lyrical version of the same song was born and King P started making waves.

Trailing all the way through the pandemic, you can see the impressive incremental increase of hip hop influence, as well as a healthy dose of his heritage Jamaican sound. This is no happy accident, the artist doesn’t seem too bothered by labels and has even won awards for his music in the ‘World’ category.

The Next Step Forward

There really is no typical flight pattern for the burgeoning artist, in a world of pretenders, he’s doing his part to set him self apart from the often-overwhelming number of copycats, finding a distinct style in 2021 is certainly no easy feat. King P has evolved from a choir singer to a saxophonist to a modern-day world hip hop creator, what’s next? We cannot wait to find out.

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