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How Steve Rastall & igroup Streamlined Cloud Management

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Thelma Lee
Thelma Lee
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When we discuss the virtues of premier cloud infrastructure management, the only names that come forward is industry-leader Steve Rastall and the igroup CAMS system. Companies have been steadily making the migration to cloud infrastructures in recent years with AWS and Azure-based cloud infrastructures being the predominant choice for a majority of companies.

While the migration and adoption of cloud-based systems is the logical step forward for business evolution, many have been finding the cost of deploying, hosting, managing, and maintaining cloud infrastructures to be detrimental and woefully inefficient.

Steve Rastall and the igroup team have seen the many ways that a cloud infrastructure can be under-utilized or inefficient – through their years of experience with managing and optimizing their client’s cloud infrastructures, they have collated all of their collective experience and expertise into the CloudOps Active Management Solution (CAMS).

How Has CAMS Streamlined The Cloud Infrastructure?

The igroup CAMS system is essentially a flexible cloud hosting and infrastructural management software that consolidates all facets of an infrastructure into simple dashboards. The automated algorithmic monitoring and analyses conducted by CAMS continuously optimizes the experience for users and clients alike.

It’s always on, always monitoring for any defects or issues that pop up and works to immediately rectify and ensure peak efficiency, this also extends into network and data security with a constant monitor keeping an eye on potential breaches and issues that could cause harm.

Cost optimization is a major issue with companies and their cloud configurations and current setups. The igroup CAMS system works continuously to cut unnecessary assets that are commonly overlooked or mismanaged. This resource management capability has saved clients a decent amount of money and reiterates the expertise brought into the cloud management system by Steve Rastall and the igroup team behind CAMS.

A Result of Dedication & Experience

The system is the result of dedication and perseverance by igroup. The company was founded in 2005 by Steve Rastall, and almost from day one was on the upward trajectory. The company moved toward clouds and infrastructure management in 2010, and steadily began its journey toward the CAMS launch in 2021.

The software is a combination of various assets and creations from igroup in their experiences of cloud infrastructural management – and it goes to show that dedication and experience can manifest a service solution that is leading the way for cloud computing.

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