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How to choose the right smartphone

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George Soto
George Soto
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With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide on which smartphone model you really want. Each mobile phone is different and comes with its own set of pros and cons, but dissecting this and making a decision is often hard.

This is especially true as it can be hard to understand the specifications of phones and how they translate to everyday use. While some features might look great on a list, it’s not necessarily the case that more features equate to a better phone.

Smartphones are becoming increasingly important in our everyday lives. We use them to make calls, send messages and emails, keep a planner, listen to music, and even manage our bank accounts or pay for purchases. Here are five factors you should consider before purchasing your next mobile phone!

Ease of usage

If you’re swapping mobile phone developers, it can be hard to adjust to a new system, as they will likely have different controls and buttons. If you aren’t comfortable or don’t want to learn new controls, it might be best to stick with the developer of your current mobile phone.

If you’re comfortable learning new systems, this factor shouldn’t affect you too much. But a good idea to test whether you enjoy the controls on a smartphone is just to have a play around with the model in-store.

Important features

The important features on a smartphone are really what you will be using the phone for. You should think about how you use your phone on a daily basis, and what you’ll actually need it for. This will make it easier for you to analyse the specifications of phone models.

For example, if you are constantly using your phone to take photos, you should compare camera quality to see which model is best suited to you. The features you will actually use are what you should base your decision on.


It’s important that you consider the reliability of the developer which creates the phone model you are considering. Getting your phone from a reputable developer could make a huge difference in your experience in the future.

Make sure that if any issues were to arise with your phone in the future, it would be easy to get it fixed. Trusting your phone developer to fix software issues and continue to make performance-improving updates is also important.


When buying a phone, you should consider how long you plan to use it for and whether you think it will hold up for this duration of use. Mobile phones are being increasingly disposable, with developers releasing a new model every year.

Consider whether your smartphone will age easily and if new features will be introduced soon which will reduce the relevance of your phone model. Make sure that your phone is able to take a bit of damage so that you won’t have to shell out an excessive amount of money for repairs if you damage it.

Above all, make sure it’s a model that you will enjoy using!

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