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James Morgan: Online Butcher Sales Will Never Be the Same

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Travon Marner
Travon Marner
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A decade ago, the idea of an “online butcher” would flabbergast most people. However, it picked up, and a few savvy business people around the world have spearheaded the charge. You probably know one of them, as well.

If you ever watched James Morgan of Phantoms fame, you’ll be happy to know that he hasn’t just faded into the annals of history since he left the ice. He’s been operating the Peterboroughs butcher shop his father opened in 1978.

However, the Covid-19 business posed a massive threat to the shop’s existence just like it did thousands of other businesses across the nation. The pandemic, and all the lockdowns that came with it, shut Stilton Butchers off from its 200,000 customers. The business, and the 60 employees that relied on it, were in danger.

James pulled ahead, though. Rather than just hoping for things to get better, he shifted his focus. Rather than focus on the catering and small, localized jobs the shop handled previously, he decided to shift it to the online market.

Now, he’s changing the way you buy your meat.

Moving the business online was just the start. Now, James Morgan has three more major advancements in store for Stilton Butchers.

First, a preparation center has already been launched staffing 10 employees who will work toward increasing the company’s overall output. Now that Stilton Butchers is selling on a national level, that is a major boost that will elevate Stilton Butchers’ eCommerce model way ahead of the other companies that are well-known in other countries.

Then, there’s the new Durham location in the works. Another physical location to enjoy all the high-quality meat products and catering services that Stilton Butchers is known for is always a plus, and it’s another major boon for the company.

However, that’s not all. Using this tremendous growth and the revenue it has built, James wants to open a third physical butcher shop in Peterboroughs city centre.

Not only has James taken his father’s small local business to the national front, but now he’s expanding its physical locations to serve more customers face-to-face than ever before.

This is a model not yet adopted by online butchers in other countries.

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